Everything You Need to Know About Your Purple Chakra


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What Chakra is Purple?

The purple chakra is also known as the Crown Chakra or, alternatively, the ‘thousand-petaled lotus’ and it is located at the crown of your head.

This chakra contains the most powerful energy in the entire chakra system as it combines the differing qualities and attributes of all of your seven chakras.

This chakra will assist you in your connection to the divine and in feeling a notable harmony with individual life forms and everything in your environment.

Purple and white are the two colors that are typically associated with the Crown Chakra.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The Color Purple?

Purple is usually considered to be one of the most spiritually aligned colors as it presents a sense of harmony, oneness, and totality. It is a color that is also often associated with self-reflection and awareness.

A purple aura can symbolize a higher degree of curiosity and the desire for hidden knowledge.

The crown chakra can thus help a person to find the right answers to life’s obstacles and follow an aligned and corrected path. The color purple can also assist your overall alignment with the universe as a whole entity.

This color is also a rare occurrence within nature and thus, it is regarded as having a sacred meaning as opposed to more commonly found colors.

Purple can have an undoubtedly relaxing effect on the body and it inherently allows us to focus on introspection and enhances our insight.

What Does Your Purple Chakra Do?

The majority of qualities that are associated with the color purple are also related to the role that is played by the crown chakra.

Spiritual enlightenment, self-realization, and deepened knowledge are all associated with this chakra as it helps you to connect endlessly to the divine power and supply a necessary amount of healing energy.

Your seventh chakra can also function as a direct route to your higher being, all you need to do is practice meditation and focus on this chakra to awaken an awe-inspiring divine light.

The purple chakra will govern the following areas of your spirituality: consciousness, self-realization, enlightenment, life purpose, and overall fulfillment.

What chakra is purple?

This highest chakra will function as a receptor for directed consciousness from the source and thus, keep you aligned and linked to the divine and your higher self. This chakra also provides you with a deepened sense of awareness that your life has a greater orderly meaning to it.

Purple is a color that is created by combining red and blue. It is a color that amalgamates blue’s serene qualities with red’s fiery ferocity.

Historically, the color purple has been used in order to separate the rich from the poor. It has become a color that is symbolic of the elite as the extraction process of this lovely, rich color required a longer length of time and therefore was only affordable to those with inherited wealth.

It is therefore traditionally linked with aristocracy, royalty, and power. But aside from the socially corrupted connotations of the color, it can also represent dreams and fantasy whilst promoting overall well-being and restoring focus to those with hectic brains.

This is why the use of lavender is often recommended as a comfort tool for those who suffer from anxiety as purple is the color of harmony, kindness, compassion, and intuition.

If you are drawn to the color purple then you may typically place the needs of others ahead of your own. However, you should bear in mind that people will be aware of this and may want to absorb all of your distinctive energy.

When your crown or purple chakra is blocked, you may feel isolated and alone, or disconnected from your spirituality. You may also be struggling with depression, anxiety, or insomnia, or experiencing physical symptoms like headaches and brain fog.

How To Open Your Purple Chakra

Commit to a path of utter surrender to a higher power in order to fully open your crown chakra (the purple chakra).

This is one of the most essential things that you can do in order to assist yourself in the process of opening the purple chakra and becoming more receptive to the endless flows of energy from the divine.

Your spirit will also be elevated to a higher consciousness when you decide to undertake a path towards spiritual enlightenment and you should therefore let go of any tension and the myth of separation that may prevent you from elevating higher.

The best method to balance your purple chakra is to practice meditation on a regular basis as well as visualization techniques and silence exercises.

Affirmations, yoga, and time spent alone in nature can also work wonders when attempting to open your crown chakra.

Amethyst crystals and other gemstones will also help to assist you in connecting to a divine source.

The appearance of your crown chakra will start to resemble a halo as your chakra opens fully and this is why spiritual entities are often depicted with a halo around their heads in many paintings and drawings.

As you continue on your journey towards your spiritual awakening, the color of your chakra will begin to change from purple to a more luminous, lighter color like white. White symbolizes spiritual purity, innocence, and new beginnings.

It can help to restore calmness and focus and help you to open yourself up fully to higher dimensions and realities that ensure that you are able to fulfill your full potential.

The universe will undoubtedly reward you whenever you say yes to the growth of your soul and in turn, you will be saying yes to an overarching planetary awakening.

The most crucial lesson that opening your purple chakra will teach you is that we are all one divine entity.

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When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links on this website, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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