The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality


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Unlock the life of your dreams with a simple, yet powerful tool: a manifestation journal.

When you start a manifestation journal, you start amplifying your intentions, drawing your deepest desires irresistibly towards you!

It won’t be effortless – there will likely be many challenges, doubts, and roadblocks during your manifestation journey. But manifestation journaling can help you convert those obstacles into stepping stones leading towards your goals.

Ready to transform your life into your own personal masterpiece?

Discover The Magic of Manifestation Journaling

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 1

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of manifestation journals – these humble notebooks (whether paper or digital) are powerful, highly effective tools for helping you achieve your loftiest goals and dreams.

With commitment and consistency, manifestation journaling can be a powerful catalyst, helping you transform scattered thoughts and hopes into clear intentions and actions that lead to real-world achievement and bliss.

Read on to learn more about manifestation journaling, how it works, and the benefits you can expect to receive by using one!

What is manifestation journaling?

Unlike other types of journals, such as gratitude or shadow work journals, a manifestation journal is your personal platform for expressing your dreams, ambitions, and desires with the explicit purpose and intention of realizing those desires.

Manifestation journal formats vary widely, spanning across a range of unique formats, from paper to digital, to written or multimedia – but all manifestation journals rely on the same universal techniques:

  • Visioning: Visualize your ideal future life and self, and detail your vision in your journal with clarity and emotion.
  • Gratitude: Document everything you are grateful for (in the present, past, and future) and express your gratitude with enthusiasm.
  • Affirmations: Repeat positive, powerful, aspirational statements about yourself, your life, and your desires.
  • Future scripting: Craft a detailed narrative about your day and life, acting as if you have already manifested all your desires.

How does manifestation journaling work?

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 2

Manifestation journaling is so effective thanks to the power of future scripting.

Future scripting isn’t just scribbling down your future wishes haphazardly. It’s an empowering practice where you vividly describe your desired future as if it’s already happened.

When future scripting in your manifestation journal, you will capture all the thrilling details, the feelings, the experiences, and most importantly, the joy of achieving what you desire.

You’re not merely imagining your future; you’re living it through your manifestation journaling practice.

Why is future scripting so effective? When you proactively script your future in your manifestation journal, a few extraordinary things happen:

  • Clarity: As you write, you crystallize your desires, identifying exactly what your ideal life looks like. This helps you zero in on what truly matters to you, setting a clear course towards your dreams.
  • Emotional connection: By vividly describing your desires as if they are already your reality, you evoke a powerful emotion connection with your ideal future. Those emotions not only fuel your motivation, but helps establish a high vibrational energetic foundation to attract your desires.
  • Conscious and subconscious alignment: When your conscious and subconscious are aligned, your actions and decisions naturally steer you towards your desired outcomes. Future scripting helps create harmony between your conscious and subconscious self, paving a clearer pathway to realizing your dreams.

The unique power of manifestation journaling lies in aligning yourself with your deepest desires and embodying your ideal future self through future scripting.

By consistently writing in your manifestation journal with relaxed assurance that your desires are on their way to you, you create the optimal mental & energetic conditions needed to turn those desires into tangible reality.

Your pen truly holds the power to transform your life!

Benefits of manifestation journaling

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 3

Keeping a manifestation journal has benefits that go beyond helping you manifest your desires – this simple practice can also improve your mood, boost your mental clarity, and strengthen your emotional resilience.

Writing in a manifestation journal can elevate your mood

The simple act of keeping a manifestation journal can transform your entire emotional landscape.

As you record your aspirations and visualize them as reality in your manifestation journal, a wave of positive emotions will wash over you. You’re focusing on exciting possibilities, which naturally injects optimism and happiness into your mood.

Regularly writing in your manifestation journal turns this positivity boost into a constant backdrop for your life, and can lead to a long-lasting boost in your mood.

Keeping a manifestation journal can increase mental clarity

If you’ve ever felt like you have a whirlwind of thoughts, desires, and ideas trapped in your mind, you’ may’ll appreciate that your manifestation journal can act as a powerful mental decluttering tool.

As you articulate your goals and desires in your manifestation journal, you’ll transform them from vague ideas into concrete, attainable aspirations.

This type of journaling untangles your thoughts, giving you laser-focused mental clarity about what you want in life and how you can achieve it.

Using a manifestation journal can boost your emotional resilience

Life is filled with ups and downs. Manifestation journaling empowers you to navigate turbulent times with grace and fortitude.

By focusing on your desired future, you naturally cultivate a positive outlook, allowing you to better weather life’s storms – and reinforcing the belief that a brighter future awaits.

How to Start a Manifestation Journal: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 4

Now that you understand how manifestation journals work, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started!

In this section, we’ll break down the process of starting your manifestation journal into 7 easy, practical steps.

From choosing the right materials to setting powerful intentions, right down to building a regular writing habit – we’ll cover everything you need to know to hit the ground running with your manifestation journal.

Step 1: Select your journal materials (paper vs. digital)

To set yourself up for success, it’s essential to select journaling materials that resonate with you and fit with your lifestyle.

A physical, paper journal often feels more personal. It’s a sacred space where the touch of pen on paper can be therapeutic, making your dreams feel more real.

But a digital manifestation journal brings convenience and accessibility, always a click away, and typically includes features for organization and searchability.

Choosing between the two comes down to your personal preference and lifestyle habits. Do you love the feel of a luxurious pen gliding over paper, or do you prefer the ease and efficiency of typing your dreams into an app?

There’s no right or wrong answer – only what feels best for you.

The best paper manifestation journaling supplies

If you’re drawn to paper journals, consider investing in a notebook and pen that spark joy.

Although I’m now a digital journaling enthusiast, I journaled on paper for many years. My go-to notebooks are dirt cheap, minimalistic, utilitarian, and easy to slip into a purse. And my go-to pens are reliable, smooth as butter, and come in convenient boxes of 12.

For a higher-end manifestation journal, you may prefer the leather-bound options from Moleskine or the vintage designs from Peter Pauper Press.

You can also find many beautiful handcrafted, hand-bound notebooks on Etsy for a more organic, bespoke vibe.

The best digital manifestation journaling supplies

If digital journaling appeals to you, you’re in luck! There are a huge range of free and paid journaling apps available, offering a wide variety of features and tools for different journalers.

Personally, I use GoodNotes 5 to write in my digital manifestation journal because I love handwriting entries with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The handwriting experience in GoodNotes 5 is super smooth and satisfying (especially with the extraordinary Paperlike screen cover), and the app makes it easy to write on digital journal PDFs I’ve downloaded from Etsy.

GoodNotes 5 also makes it easy to export my finished journals and journal entries as PDFs, which I then bring into Apple Notes. Apple Notes is the home of my second brain – I love everything being captured and searchable in one centralized, streamlined tool that works perfectly across all my devices.

If a great handwriting experience isn’t super important to you, Apple Notes itself would make a fine (and free) digital journaling tool. And Day One has a large, passionate user community of digital journalers. (While both of those apps do offer handwritten functionality, the user experience is not great.)

Step 2: Set your intentions

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 5

When you set clear intentions for your manifestation journal, you create a purpose-driven pathway to your dreams.

Your intentions are the driving force behind your dreams, the compass that guides your journey. It’s so much more than just naming what you want – it’s also about understanding why you want it, and crystallizing the purpose and passion that fuel your desires.

Here’s how to craft meaningful intentions that truly support your manifesting efforts:

  • Get clear on what you desire: The first step to setting intentions is identifying what you truly desire. It’s easy to get caught up in what you think you should want or what others expect of you. But in your manifestation journal, honesty reigns supreme. What do you truly long for? Is it a fulfilling relationship? Career success? Peace of mind? There are no wrong answers here – only your unique desires.
  • Go deeper with why: Once you’ve identified your desires, it’s time to delve into the ‘why’. Why do you want these things? What feelings or experiences are you hoping to invite into your life by achieving these desires? This deeper understanding infuses your intentions with emotional power, giving them magnetic power in your manifestation process.
  • State your intentions: Now it’s time to articulate your intentions. Use future scripting to record your intentions in your manifestation journal. Phrase them in the present tense, as if they’re already your reality, and be as specific as possible. For example, instead of writing, “I want to be successful in my career,” write, “I am experiencing incredible success and satisfaction in my career as a writer and life coach because I am helping others every day.”
  • Embrace your evolution: Remember, your intentions do not have to be set in stone. As you grow and evolve, so might your intentions. It’s okay to revisit and revise them; your manifestation journal should be a true reflection of your evolving aspirations.

Remember, your intentions are the seeds from which your dreams grow. Water them with attention, nourish them with action, and watch as they sprout into the reality of your dreams.

With clear intentions set, your manifestation journal will become a thriving garden of possibilities!

Step 3: Structure your journaling practice

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 6

The structure of your manifestation journal practice has a big impact on your results. It’s all about finding a system and a rhythm that aligns with your style, your desires, and your unique path.

Here are some building blocks to consider as you refine your journaling practice:

  • Visioning: This structure invites you to paint a vivid picture of your desires. What does your desired future look like, feel like, sound like? This approach often involves imagery and sensory details to bring your aspirations to life. Your journal entries could start with a prompt like, “In my ideal future life, I see…”
  • Affirmations: If you resonate with affirmations, structuring your journal around them can be a powerful practice. You could start each entry with a positive, present-tense statement that reflects your intentions. For instance, “I am abundant and my life overflows with blessings.”
  • Gratitude: A gratitude-based structure encourages you to acknowledge the abundance already present in your life. This can elevate your mood and attract more positivity. I recommend you dedicate a portion of every journaling session to express gratitude, starting entries with phrases like, “Today, I am deeply thankful for…”
  • Future scripting: This approach allows you to write your future story as if it’s already happened. Scripting helps you become the author of your reality, crafting vivid narratives that breathe life into your dreams. Your entries could begin with, “Today was a remarkable day. I woke up in my dream home…”
  • Mood Boards: If you’re a visual person, you might enjoy creating mood boards within your journal. You can fill pages with images, colors, and symbols that represent your aspirations, creating a visual reminder of your desires.

Remember, there’s no ‘best’ structure. It’s about discovering the format that sparks joy and inspiration in you. And don’t be afraid to experiment and mix structures – your manifestation journal is a dynamic space that should adapt to your evolving needs.

I recommend starting with a guided manifestation journal or manifestation journaling prompts to give you a powerful spark of inspiration that will help you build momentum in your journaling practice.

Step 4: Write your first entry

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 7

Writing your first entry in a manifestation journal is an exciting moment – a big step towards your dreams. Here’s a deeper look at how to craft your very first entry in a manifestation journal:

  • Welcome yourself: A powerful way to begin your manifestation journal is to address your first entry to yourself. This might seem odd at first, but it’s a symbolic act of inviting your subconscious mind into the process. Write a few lines of welcome, acknowledging this exciting journey you’re about to embark on.
  • Embrace the present: Before jumping into detailing your desires, it can be helpful to take a snapshot of your current state. How are you feeling? What are the circumstances in your life right now? This act of present acknowledgment creates a baseline, a point of reference from which you can measure your progress.
  • Write your aspirations: Now, describe the desires you’re planning to manifest, being sure to use the present tense and express gratitude. If you dream of owning a home, for instance, write, “I love living in my dream home which is spacious and filled with light.” This process of future scripting will be a potent tool in your journaling practice, reinforcing the reality of your dreams in your subconscious.
  • Engage emotionally: As you write about your dreams, engage your emotions. How does living your dream make you feel? Does it bring you joy? Peace? Excitement? Whatever it is, dive deep into those emotions. By emotionally charging your entries, you align your emotional energy with your desired future, strengthening your ability to attract those dreams.
  • Affirm your reality: At the end of your entry, write a few lines of affirmation, confirming the manifestation of your desires. You might write, “I trust in the journey and know that my dreams are becoming my reality.”

As you write your first entry in your manifestation journal, trust your instincts, and let your desires flow freely onto the page. This is your first step towards your dreamed reality – make it count!

Step 5: Be consistent

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 8

Consistency is key when it comes to your manifestation journal. Here’s how to establish a steady rhythm and keep the magic of manifestation alive day after day:

  • Create a journaling ritual: Having a regular routine can make it easier to stay consistent with your manifestation journal. Pick a time of day that works best for you. Maybe it’s the quiet morning hours before the world wakes up, or perhaps the stillness of the night speaks to your soul. Make your journaling time a sacred ritual, and it will become an essential part of your lifestyle and personal ethos.
  • Designate a special space: Just as a regular journaling schedule can aid in consistency, so can choosing a dedicated space. Select a spot where you feel at peace – a cozy corner, a quiet home office, or even an outdoor spot if weather permits. This space will become your personal sanctuary, a physical reminder to honor your journaling practice with consistent action.
  • Set reasonable goals: It’s easy to start with high enthusiasm and plan to fill pages every day, but sometimes that can lead to burnout. Start small. Maybe you commit to writing just one sentence a day. As your habit builds, you can gradually increase your writing volume.
  • Mix things up: If you feel like your journaling practice is becoming monotonous, don’t be afraid to spice things up. Try new structures, use different prompts, or even add drawings and colors. Keeping things fresh and engaging can motivate you to maintain consistency.
  • Reflect regularly: Make time to review your previous entries. Seeing your own journey of growth and manifestation unfold can be an incredibly inspiring experience. It can reinforce your commitment to your journaling practice and fuel your desire to continue.
  • Show kindness to yourself: Lastly, remember to be kind to yourself. There might be days when you miss an entry. That’s okay. Life happens. Don’t see it as a failure. Instead, gently guide yourself back to your practice without guilt or judgment.

Staying consistent with your manifestation journal is like watering a garden – it’s a commitment to nurture your dreams consistently, allowing them to grow and bloom!

Step 6: Reflect and revisit

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 9

Revisiting and reflecting on your past manifestation journal entries should be a meaningful and impactful part of your journey. Here are a few suggestions on how to make the most of this enriching practice:

  • Plan regular check-ins: First and foremost, establish a schedule and routine for reflection. Maybe you revisit your entries once a month, or perhaps you prefer a more frequent review, like weekly. Choose a rhythm that resonates with you. This regular act of reflection can help you appreciate your progress and realign your intentions, if needed.
  • Track your progress: As you review your entries, take note of any progress or shifts in your life that align with your intentions. Have any of your manifestations started to materialize? Maybe not in the exact way you imagined, but look for signs, synchronicities, or small shifts that indicate movement in the right direction – and be sure to document your findings in your manifestation journal.
  • Celebrate your wins: No matter how small or big, celebrate your wins. It could be as simple as a change in mindset or as big as a significant life event. Acknowledging and celebrating these victories can amplify your positive energy and confidence in your manifestation abilities.
  • Revisit your intentions: As you reflect, also revisit your intentions. Are they still relevant? As you evolve, your desires may evolve too. It’s perfectly okay, even necessary, to update your intentions to match your current aspirations.
  • Reflect on your emotional growth: Pay attention to your emotional journey as well. How has your emotional state changed since you began your manifestation journaling practice? Have you become more positive, patient, or optimistic? Emotional growth is a significant aspect of manifestation and deserves recognition.
  • Capture your insights: As you reflect, you may gain insights about yourself and your manifestation process. What patterns or recurring themes have you noticed in your journal entries? Which journal practices seem to be working best for you? Make sure to capture these insights in your journal. They can be valuable learning points for your ongoing journey.
  • Practice gratitude: As always, revisiting past entries is an opportunity to practice gratitude. Gratitude for everything you have attracted, for all the progress you’ve made, for the insights you’ve gained, and even for the challenges that have given you opportunities to grow and learn. Regularly lean into good vibe gratitude for an extra manifestation boost!

Remember, reflection is more than a look-back – it’s an opportunity to appreciate your journey, to learn, to realign, and to celebrate.

Step 7: Take inspired action

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 10

Finally, it’s time to unleash the final, powerful component of your manifestation journaling journey: taking inspired action.

Inspired action is the invisible loom that weaves your dreams into reality from the threads of your vision and intentions.

As you align your thoughts and intentions through manifestation journaling, opportunities will start to present themselves. You’ll find your intuition guiding you towards people, experiences, and moments that resonate with your desires. It’s your job to recognize these opportunities and act on them!

Remember, manifestation isn’t a passive process. It’s an ongoing dance between you and the Universe. As you document your intentions and ideal future life in your manifestation journal, you’re asking for what you want. When the Universe responds, showing you the steps, it’s your turn to move, to embrace the opportunities and take those steps towards your dreams.

Engaging in this dance and taking inspired action is what makes manifestation possible.

So remember – your manifestation journal isn’t just a vision board for your dreams; it’s a blueprint for action and embodying those desires in every area of your life.

As you continue to write, reflect, and act, watch how your manifestation journal turns from a book of hope and dreams into your story of personal evolution and achievement!

Common Manifestation Journal Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

The Complete Guide to Manifestation Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams Into Reality 10

Embarking on your manifestation journaling journey may be thrilling, but it’s not without its hurdles.

In this section, we’ll explore some of the most common challenges you might face – and, more importantly, how you can overcome them.

Read on to transform these potential roadblocks into springboards that propel you towards your deepest desires.

Challenge #1: Skepticism about manifestation

Skepticism – it’s the invisible wall that can block your manifestation journey before it even begins.

You might be wondering, “Is this manifestation thing for real? Can journaling really help bring my desires to life?”

Here’s your answer: Yes – but don’t just take my word for it.

In order to beat skepticism, you need to give yourself the opportunity to experience the power of manifestation journaling first-hand. Skepticism can often stem from the unfamiliar. So, familiarize yourself!

Dive into your manifestation journal. Write about your dreams, ambitions, and desires. Pay attention to the coincidences, the synchronicities, the small nudges from the universe. You’ll start to see how your written words can ripple out into the universe, creating real-world changes.

Remember, manifestation isn’t about blind belief or passive faith – it’s about understanding that you’re always in a dynamic dialogue with the universe.

Your manifestation journal is an important part this dialogue. The more you engage, the more fluent you’ll become, and the more skepticism will begin to fade away.

Challenge #2: Lack of results (or slow results)

Have you been manifestation journaling consistently, but your desires seem to be playing hard to get?

Lack of results can be extremely frustrating & discouraging. You’ve been doing everything right, so why isn’t the universe delivering?

Well, take a deep breath, because patience is the unsung hero of manifestation.

Remember, manifestation operates on the universe’s timeline, not yours.

Just because you don’t see immediate results doesn’t mean your efforts aren’t working. Trust that behind the scenes, things are shifting and aligning to make your desires a reality.

Manifestation is like a long journey, and your manifestation journal is your trusty travel buddy. Just like any road trip, there are scenic routes, detours, and sometimes, slow-moving traffic.

The timeline of your dreams turning into reality isn’t always predictable, but every word you write in your journal is fuel that keeps you moving forward.

So, buckle up and keep going! Your journey is unique, and the pace at which you travel is uniquely yours, too.

While it may seem like your desires are dragging their feet, remember this: the universe is working overtime, aligning the stars for your dreams to manifest in the perfect time, in the perfect way.

Challenge #3: Your desires keep changing

Manifestation is a dynamic process, and sometimes, so are your desires.

One day, you’re writing down your desire to move to a new city; the next, you’re intrigued by the idea of a rural retreat. Or perhaps, a goal that once sparkled now feels like a chore.

In other words, it feels like your desires are playing musical chairs, and you’re left wondering whether you’ll be able to successfully manifest anything.

Welcome to the club: The club of evolving humans. The club of people who dare to dream, to change, and to grow!

The beauty of your manifestation journal is that it’s designed to flex and flow with you. It’s not a rigid contract; it’s a living, breathing canvas for your ever-evolving dreams and desires.

So if your desires shift, that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. In fact, it could signify that you’re continually getting closer and closer to what you truly want and need in this lifetime.

Use your manifestation journal as a tool to explore your changing desires. Dig into the ‘why’ behind the shifts. Embrace and explore the new desires that bubble up.

These shifts are the signposts guiding you towards your authentic self and your deeper purpose – ultimately supercharging your manifestation efforts.

Remember, manifestation is about attracting your deepest, most authentic desires – and discovering what those desires are is part of the adventure!

Challenge #4: Difficulty staying consistent

So you started your manifestation journal with gusto, but now the novelty has worn off. The journal that once filled you with excitement is starting to feel like an obligation.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone! Keeping up with your manifestation journal can sometimes feel like a chore. But let’s change the narrative.

Stop thinking about writing in your manifestation journal a a task to check off – and start thinking about it as a bridge to your ideal future self.

It’s your compass, guiding you toward the life you desire. But like any journey, there will be days when reading your compass feels cumbersome. When that happens, remember this: it’s okay to pause, but it’s vital to persist.

If you find your pauses keep turning into a prolonged hiatus, maybe it’s time to consciously design your journaling environment to better align with your intentions.

Mix up the time of day you write it your manifestation journal. Try writing in different places, like an outdoor park, a coffee shop, or a quiet, private nook. Choose a different music playlist or genre, and surround yourself with an ambience that helps you feel inspired and motivated.

Most importantly, let it be fun! Fill your journal pages with colors, doodles, or anything that makes your heart smile. Keep your writing exciting and personal. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Maintaining consistency isn’t always about discipline; sometimes, it’s about turning the process into a joyous ritual.

So, light those candles, brew your favorite tea, put on some groovy music, and make writing in your manifestation journal your favorite part of your daily routine!

Challenge #5: Setbacks and disappointment

We’ve all been there – You’ve been visualizing, journaling, and doing everything by the book. Yet, things don’t go as planned.

The dream job slips away. The perfect relationship hits a snag. Setbacks appear, and disappointment sneaks in.

You’re left wondering, “Where did I go wrong?”

Hold on a minute! Setbacks aren’t stop signs; they’re detours. Think of setbacks like the universe redirecting you to something better.

Disappointment and “failures” don’t mean that manifestation isn’t working – on the contrary, setbacks can be amazing opportunities for growth, learning, and recalibration.

Your manifestation journal isn’t just for documenting your desires. It’s also a place where you can write about your disappointments, let out your frustrations, and process your feelings when things don’t go as you’d hoped.

Don’t let setbacks make you feel defeated. Instead, let them fuel your determination and trust that the universe is sending your deepest desires to you.

Remember, every challenge is an opportunity in disguise, and your manifestation journal is the perfect tool to help you spring back stronger than before.

My Manifestation Journaling Success Story

Years ago, I found myself entangled in a relationship that was anything but rosy. It was draining my energy, overshadowing my happiness, and burying the real me beneath layers of self-doubt. I knew I had to leave, but the fear of being alone held me captive.

Then came my discovery of manifestation journaling. I decided to experiment with future scripting. Instead of daydreaming about a happier life, I began to write my own happy ending. I visualized my life free from the toxic relationship, and how I would feel, what I would do, and who I would become.

Gradually, my written words began to translate into courage. The fear that once held me hostage began to dissipate. I finally mustered up the strength to walk away from the toxic relationship. It was painful, yes, but my manifestation journal reminded me every day that I was moving toward a life that deserved me.

And then, something amazing happened. As I continued to heal and rebuild, I found love where I least expected – my best friend. We’d been there for each other through thick and thin, and I started seeing them in a whole new light. I began scripting about this new, beautiful love story unfolding in my life.

Fast forward to today, I’m not only free from the toxic past, but I’m living my dream love story. Manifestation journaling helped me turn my life around. It provided the strength to leave behind what wasn’t serving me and guided me towards a love that’s joyful, supportive, and genuine.

Remember, no matter where you are in your journey, your manifestation journal is your tool for transformation beyond your wildest dreams. Write your deepest desires, script your future, and watch as your words bring your dreams to life. If it happened to me, it can happen to you too!


Writer + Creator of Vital Ethos

Sasha is a writer, spiritual teacher, highly sensitive intuitive, and artist on a mission to illuminate your path to personal growth and transformation with helpful tools and resources like digital journals and workbooks ✨

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