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Those who can see auras describe them as a haze or halo of color that seems to emanate from the soul and hover around the body. They are in fact the unique energy fields surrounding each of us, and an aura’s color depicts different characteristics and truths about a person.

Those colors range right through the rainbow spectrum, from red to violet with every shade in between. But today, we are going to look specifically at blue auras and what it means for you if your aura is blue.

The Meaning Of Blue Auras

There are many different shades of blue aura and with each change in tone comes specific characteristics and truths. It is also possible to have a combination of colors in your aura, and a combination of blues for that matter.

This is because we are complex beings and there is no ‘one size fits all’ rule when it comes to the human spirit.

Having said that, the overarching characteristics amongst blue auras are: Expression, Communication and Intuition.

Different Shades Of Blue Auras:


If you have a turquoise aura it indicates that you have a strong level of self confidence and self knowledge. Turquoise auras are vivid and vibrant, meaning that you don’t shy away from responsibility or from public scrutiny.

You are open and honest and have a ‘nothing to hide’ approach to social interactions. All this self possession works wonderfully in combination with the overarching blue characteristics of communication and expression.

Many people with turquoise auras gravitate towards leadership roles, but with a particular focus on communication and guidance. For this reason, those with turquoise auras often become teachers, mentors and healers.

True Blue (Cobalt / Royal)

A ‘true blue’ aura is rich and deep, much like cobalt or royal blue in shade. Those rich, deep qualities align with the character traits of people with true blue auras as they are very spiritual and intuitive.

If you have a true blue aura you will possess a clarity to your self expression that is wise and knowledgeable, and you will no doubt be very intuitive about others. Where someone with a turquoise aura leads by example, you lead by listening and putting others at center stage.

You are not cynical about faith of any kind and are never closed to new ideas or new people. People with a true blue aura are wonderful at parties because they are comfortable in their own skin, can talk to anyone and are very approachable.

The person people gravitate towards if they are feeling a little lost. 

Sky Blue

The sky’s the limit for those with a sky blue aura. Those powdery, pillowy shades indicate great talent and creativity, meaning that if you have a sky blue aura you probably have a skill or passion that features highly in your life.

People with sky blue auras are often gifted in the arts, and use their creativity and skills to help others not just to express themselves. Like all blues, they are expert communicators but their communication style is very laid back and informal.

They can speak with impact too, but use humor and a ‘soft approach’ most often.

In line with the wide, open freedom we associate with the sky, sky blue auras indicate a great deal of spiritual openness and a ‘happy go lucky’ approach to life. They project positivity and peace wherever they go and make friends with ease.

The Throat Chakra

Chakras are realms of the body where certain auras dwell and emanate most strongly. Different colored auras correspond to different chakras although all those chakras exist and emit energy from each of us. 

A blue aura is associated with the throat chakra which sits at the base of the throat. This placement makes a lot of sense since it is this part of the body that governs communication, truth and expression.

The throat chakra also has strong connections with spirituality, which is why those with a blue aura are very often open minded and in tune with their spirituality.

A Healthy Aura

When all is well your aura should be vivid and distinct and your chakra should be free flowing and balanced. At these times your communication skills will enable you to talk to people effortlessly and to coax great insights and expression out of others.

However, at certain times in your life your aura can become murky, dulled or even neon in tone. This is usually because your chakra is blocked.

A blocked throat chakra will cause you to become inhibited, to over think the social interaction you would normally excel at, and to struggle to express yourself.

When this happens Reiki can be an excellent option as it is a healing practice that is specifically designed to rebalance energies and release healthy auras.


Blue auras are particularly masculine in energy and indicate high levels of assertiveness and vocalization.

However, if your aura is blue you may need to encourage some more feminine energies to come to the surface to balance out the need to always be fixing things and taking control of situations.

Having an energetic action center is great because it means you are proactive, upfront, honest and open, but sometimes it is important to relax and go with the flow. You might find downtime a real challenge and find accepting failure very difficult too.

At these times you should try to listen and breathe rather than to speak, and try to sit and observe rather than to act and solve. 

Love And Relationships

Because people with blue auras are so open and honest they make excellent life partners and tend to have successful long term relationships. This is because they are able to work through tricky patches with partners and are able to communicate their feelings very articulately.

They also get the best out of others and can therefore encourage their other halves to tell them what is wrong or to speak about their emotions.  They are trustworthy and loyal and are very unlikely to cheat.

If you have a blue aura you are probably very good at planning fun dates and making personalized gifts because of your strong creativity and happy go lucky mentality.

It is great that you are able to stay calm, even during arguments and that you speak with self control and respect.

Career And Professional Life

If you have a blue aura you will most likely need to feel creatively stimulated in your job and will be drawn to roles in the creative arts or in areas involving human interaction.

Your communication skills are an excellent asset and mean that you come across very well in job interviews and you get along brilliantly when working in a team. 

Singing, acting, teaching or social work are all common career paths for those with a blue aura, but being a sales assistant who speaks to customers all day can also be a really fulfilling job for someone with a blue aura.

Your business brain might not be the most money minded and ruthless but you achieve success through other means.


If you have a friend, partner or family member who has a blue aura you will no doubt have realized that they appreciate honesty and sincerity above all else.

People with blue auras value genuine friendships and love making meaningful connections so be open with them and get chatting – especially about philosophical topics because these guys are deep thinkers.

Closing Thoughts

Our auras are constantly changing, much like the weather. Just because it is generally sunny in Miami, doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be cloudy, wet and windy days too. This is the same for our spirits.

If you have a blue aura it indicates that you are generally predisposed to good communication and self expression, intuition and spirituality, but some days you might not feel like this at all.

That is part of being human and with good self care and inner acceptance you will find that your energy field can be an empowering and vital part of what you love about yourself.

Ballet dancer onstage with blue aura emanating from body


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When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links on this website, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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