How to Become a Lightworker: The Complete Guide


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We are living in unprecedented times.

Chaos, violence, and despair abound on earth. Humankind reels from crisis after crisis. For so many people, the world feels lonelier and more dangerous than ever before.

Yet… there’s something else happening as well.

A shift towards healing. Towards growth. Towards light.

Do you feel it?

I feel it. And I’m not alone. Millions of others around the world feel it too.

The crises we are facing have led us to this unprecedented turning point– this remarkable opportunity to choose a brighter future for our world.

But a positive outcome is far from guaranteed.

This opportunity could be easily overtaken by violence, chaos, and despair. People are dying at the hands of a new virus– and sometimes each other. Resources are strained. Nations wage wars against their own citizens.

And I believe Lightworkers are the answer.

Lightworkers are already leading the collective shift towards peace, justice, and sustainability. Towards love.

But the problem is– we need more Lightworkers.

What is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is someone who dedicates their life to channeling universal energy and wisdom for the highest good of all beings. 

During their time in this realm, Lightworkers strive to transcend their ego and commit fully to serving others with love and compassion. 

Lightworkers are diverse and fill many roles in society. They come from every walk of life, every corner of the earth, every culture, creed, and class. 

Yet all Lightworkers share several traits in common. Lightworkers are sensitive, intuitive, empathic, compassionate, caring beings. They feel drawn to helping others and serving the greatest good of all beings.

What Is A Lightworker?

How Do You Know If You’re a Lightworker?

All human beings have the potential to become Lightworkers. 

Regardless of your current circumstances– the energy and wisdom of Source is already within you. You can become a Lightworker– but it will take passion, focus, and dedication. 

In order to become a Lightworker, you must:

  • Take ownership of your own spiritual awakening
  • Develop and refine your unique powers and skills
  • Learn how to effectively share your gifts with the world

I’ve distilled the process of becoming a Lightworker into 10 essential steps, which may be helpful in deciding whether this challenging but rewarding path is right for you. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced Lightworker, these 10 steps will help provide a framework for your ongoing growth as a spiritual being and loving soul. 

Let’s begin.

Becoming a Lightworker: 10 Essential Steps

How to Become a Lightworker: The Definitive Guide [2020] 17

1. Heal your core wounds and past traumas.

All healers must first heal themselves. There is no other way. 

That being said– healing is a process, not a destination. Some scars we carry with us for our entire lives. Yet we can learn to integrate those wounds into our spiritual awakening as a Lightworker. 

In my personal experience, emotional healing is most effective when multidisciplinary.  I have had great success combining cognitive behavioral therapy, journaling, guided meditations, and spiritual literature. And Scott Jeffrey has a powerful guide to shadow work with helpful exercises to get you started integrating your darker aspects. 

2. Develop emotional mastery within yourself.

Emotional mastery can be defined as creating harmony between your emotions, your intentions, and your actions.  

When plagued by negative thought patterns and emotions, it’s impossible to sense the naturally loving energy of the Universe. Patterns of self-sabotage and destructive behavior may emerge when there is emotional turmoil. Lightworkers must develop emotional mastery in order to help others connect with and benefit from that energy. 

In my personal experience, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an extremely powerful tool for cultivating emotional mastery. 

CBT has helped me manage my depression and anxiety more effectively than any other treatment method. With CBT, I learned that all emotions arise from thoughts– and that I have complete power over my thoughts. I learned to notice my thoughts in the moment and gently replace unhelpful negative thoughts with more positive thoughts. And I was able to disrupt the damaging patterns that used to accompany those negative thoughts, like drinking too much alcohol or avoiding responsibility. 

Most importantly, practicing emotional mastery with CBT techniques has allowed me to focus more effectively on serving and helping others. Simple improvements like dropping deeply into play with my daughter (rather than worrying about work), can have a massive positive impact over time. 

3. Let go of attachments and ego.

How to Become a Lightworker: The Definitive Guide [2020] 18

Precious time and energy is wasted when we are driven by attachments and ego. 

Whether you are trying to control external circumstances or project a grandiose image of yourself, attachments and ego will only hold you back from fully stepping into your power as a Lightworker. 

Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it. 

– Lao Tzu

In my article on compassionate non-attachment, I cover a wide range of tools and tactics that can help you release attachments and ground yourself in the present moment. 

One of the simplest– yet most powerful– non-attachment rituals is loving-kindness meditation. 

  • Relax. 
  • Quiet your thoughts. 
  • Focus on sending positive, loving energy to other beings. 

It’s helpful to begin by sending love to your closest friends and family, gradually expanding the circle to include strangers and even “enemies.” Allow loving feelings and gratitude to wash over you

4. Get crystal clear on your Lightworker gifts.

Now that you are consciously working on healing your trauma, developing emotional mastery, and releasing attachments, you are well-positioned to help others in their journey. 

But to step into your destiny as a Lightworker– you must get crystal clear on your unique gifts in order to serve others with your full power. 

Take several days to reflect on your talents, passions, and assets. Observe all your little wins and moments of flow throughout the course of daily life.

In your journal, respond to these prompts to get started identifying and exploring your Lightworker gifts:

  • What are you best at? 
  • What area of your life is most abundant? 
  • What gifts would be easiest for you to share with the world?
  • What brings you the most joy? 
  • What do you have that brings value, healing, and joy to other people? 

As you begin to take inventory of your Lightworker gifts, be sure to consider these areas: 

  • Artistic talent
  • Technical expertise
  • Medical and caretaking skills
  • Emotional intelligence and charisma
  • Communication and linguistic skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Monetary resources
  • Physical resources (land, raw materials, etc.)
  • Social capital (your network)
  • Influence with decision-makers, resource holders, and innovators

Now that you have an inventory of your most valuable assets– it’s time to intentionally develop those gifts to better serve others. 

5. Hone your Lightworker gifts strategically.

To have a powerful impact as a Lightworker, you must not only embrace your natural gifts– you must consciously hone and develop them. 

Everybody learns differently, so it’s important to choose self-development techniques that are in harmony with your Lightworker talents. 

Here are a few techniques to consider: 

  • Earning a formal education in your chosen field
  • Seeking a mentor in your chosen field
  • Founding a non-profit, business, or side hustle that will help support you as you advance your skills in your field
  • Pursuing a career that encourages you to share your gifts with others
  • Investing strategically to grow your shareable material assets
  • Producing a body of shareable creative work that helps others

While it is the nature of Lightworkers to grow and expand their gifts, don’t forget that rest is an integral part of this process. 

In order to step into your full power as a Lightworker, you must strike the optimal balance between periods of growth and rest. Use rest time to play, relax, recover, and reflect on your journey. 

6. Create healing, abundance, and transformation with your gifts.

Helping others with your gifts is the essence of being a Lightworker. It all comes down to actually doing the work.

Look back at your inventory from Step 4. Now, consider the following questions in your journal.

  • In which area(s) are you best positioned to have the most meaningful positive impact?
  • What specifically can you do to help others in this area? Is it one big project? Lots of little actions?
  • Create a one year plan for taking action as a Lightworker. Outline key milestones by quarter, and everything you’ll need to have the biggest positive impact. (Funding, extra help, training, etc.)

Now, let’s take action.

  • How much time can you set aside per day to help others in this area? Per week? Schedule that time on your calendar to ensure you get the work done. (And check out my article on timeblocking for more tips on holding yourself accountable with this powerful system.)
  • Get creative chunking and batching tasks to stay energized and focused in your Lightwork. Can you break a big down a bigger project into manageable tasks? Can you group repetitive tasks together? Your journey will be a long one, and it’s essential to not get burned out.
  • Speak your intentions out loud, early and often. Your words will serve as an affirmation that not only pumps you up, but may also influence more favorable outcomes.
  • Enlist an accountability partner with similar core values. Share your dreams, goals, and plans with each other, and check in regularly to motivate both of you to stay on track.
  • Keep doing the work.

Understand your gifts. Appreciate your gifts. Nurture your gifts. Share your gifts.

7. Define and align with your Lightworker Code.

How to Become a Lightworker: The Definitive Guide [2020] 19

To find peace and fulfillment in this lifetime, you must live and act in alignment with your core values. 

Unfortunately, many people settle for the values that loved ones, peers, and society expect us to have. The result is many people wander through life feeling somewhat lost, unfulfilled, and frustrated.    

In order to rise above this common tendency and advance as a Lightworker– you must create and live by your Lightworker Code. 

Creating your Lightworker Code will provide you with guidance and support when you encounter difficulties and obstacles along your journey. 

When you feel like giving up and choosing an easier path– your Lightworker Code will illuminate the way towards your true destiny. 

To create your Lightworker Code, start by answering these prompts in your journal: 

  • List all the core values that are most important to you. Write steadily for fifteen minutes, without stopping to edit or refine your words. 
  • Think about one of the most joyful moments of your life. Which values were being honored during that moment? Circle them on your list. 
  • Now, think about one of the lowest or most upsetting moments. Which values were being ignored, violated, or suppressed during that time? Circle them on your list. 

Discovering and aligning with your Lightworker Code will be an ongoing process– but no matter where you are in your journey, it can be a rewarding one. 

Visualization Exercise: Imagine yourself as a heavenly body in orbit around a vast sun. You are patiently circling your deepest values, slowly drawing closer and closer to actualization via the gravitational pull of your Lightworker destiny. 

8. Support yourself financially as a Lightworker.

Modern society faces some challenges– including the need for most people to spend most of their waking time working at a job in order to survive.

Between commuting, long hours, and low pay, many workers end up struggling with burnout, and Lightworkers are no exception. 

However, supporting yourself financially via your work as a Lightworker will help ward off burnout, enabling you to maximize the time and energy you allocate towards helping others.

This can take many forms: 

  • Getting a traditional job
  • Forming a non-profit
  • Starting a business
  • Becoming financially independent and investing time/money towards helping others

As a Lightworker, you are in a powerful position to help others and enjoy a life of purpose and abundance. 

It’s essential to take pleasure in your work– because LOVE is the energy you’ll need to channel to step into your power as a Lightworker.

9. Expand the Lightworker network.

Lightworkers are stronger together. And LOVE is stronger when Lightworkers are strong together. 

The collective shift requires that Lightworkers be united, energetically and spiritually, in order to usher humanity away from darkness and into this new dawn. All Lightworkers must put some effort into expanding and strengthening the Lightworker network. 

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Community organizing. Recruit others to support a cause or measure that will help others thrive, heal, or transform.
  • Create a platform. Spread your message far and wide. Ask others to contribute somehow to your mission as a Lightworker.
  • Offer resources. Perhaps you’d rather aid another Lightworker who needs additional help to make a meaningful impact.

10. Stay connected with Source energy in everything you do.

How to Become a Lightworker: The Definitive Guide [2020] 20

Really, it all comes down to this. Because you can’t truly do the work without being connected to Source energy. 

When you’re connected with Source energy in the present moment, there is no difference between a beginner and an experienced Lightworker. 

In fact, embracing a beginner’s mind is a powerful tool for growth as a Lightworker. 

Here’s how to use a beginner’s mindset to connect with Source energy on a deeper level: 

  1. Practice mindful observation. Sit quietly and breathe deeply to sharpen your perception. Notice and acknowledge every single detail that is a blessing from Source. Sunlight. Loved ones. Visual beauty. Opportunities.
  2. Mentally remove meaning from the details you observed. Simply revel in the realness of everything around you, no labels.
  3. Turn your attention inward. Mentally remove your labels, your obligations, your outward identity. Try to observe your pure soul just as it is. Remember that you are Source, you are god, and then remove the labels from that too.

5 Types of Lightworkers: Which One Will You Become?

What Type of Lightworker Are You?

Lightworkers serve humanity via a wide range of techniques– and thus take on many earthly roles and tend to defy categorization. 

However, it is helpful to identify common Lightworker archetypes so that aspiring Lightworkers may choose a path that resonates most with their unique talents and personality. 

(Please note, just because a person fits the below archetypes, it does not mean they are a Lightworker. It’s important to examine each individual’s underlying intentions and actions, because many people who pursue these paths are motivated by ego, fear, or greed, rather than a genuine desire to help others.)

1. Spiritual Guide / Educator

Spiritual Guides and Educators seek to connect with as many beings as possible to share their understanding of Source love and energy. 

They may become priests, nuns, monks, rabbis, and ministers, although they are certainly not limited to traditional religious roles. Contemporary Spiritual Guides and Educators also manifest as inspirational speakers, authors, and creators. 

This Lightworker archetype best suits individuals who thrive on social interaction, educating others, and designing (or working within) established systems and institutions. 

2. Caretaker / Healer

Caretakers and Healers nurture other beings (on an individual basis) to help them heal from core wounds, past traumas, and physical injury and disease. 

This type of Lightworker understands that beings without a stable foundation of physical and mental health can not easily experience spiritual enlightenment, inner peace, and true joy. Caretakers and Healers often manifest as doctors, nurses, homeopathic practitioners, therapists, special needs caretakers, and parents. 

This Lightworker archetype best suits individuals who are extremely patient, emotionally stable, and prefer one-on-one interaction to larger gatherings. 

3. Artist / Messenger

Artists and Messengers create beautiful work that inspires others to reconnect with Source energy and live a more joyful life. 

Through music, cinema, literature, painting, sculpture, theatre, and countless other art forms, this type of Lightworker forges a direct channel between the audience/witness, and the divine. 

This Lightworker archetype best suits people who enjoy solitude, have high self-confidence, and feel profoundly moved to create art. 

4. Psychic / Seer

Psychics and Seers can perceive beyond the realm of the physical, making them powerful advisors for humankind. 

This type of Lightworker can predict future events before they happen, recall forgotten past events that impact the present, and can also interact with forces and entities in other dimensions. By communicating their visions to others, Psychics and Seers allow other people to indirectly experience the same insights and understandings. 

This Lightworker archetype best suits people who have experienced contact with other beings (angels, ghosts, spirits, aliens, etc.), who believe deeply in the authenticity of these encounters, and who are comfortable being rejected or attacked by non-believers. 

5. Activist / Change Maker

Activists and Change Makers use their earthly presence and resources to influence systemic changes that bring human institutions into alignment with Source love, empathy, and generosity. 

This type of Lightworker can be found working in politics, lobbying, doing non-profit work, creating activist art, and/or protesting in the streets. Activists and Change Makers need extra energy and resilience to stay safe, focused, and strong amidst the turmoil, chaos, and disappointment that often go along with activism. 

This Lightworker archetype best suits people who are disturbed by the prevalent injustice and violence in our current world, and want to dedicate their lives to healing the system. 

Conclusion: Should You Become A Lightworker?

There are many compelling reasons to become a Lightworker, but ultimately, all Lightworkers feel called to serve and guide humanity towards love, growth, and healing. 

Right now humanity is experiencing a massive collective shift. 

This moment is calling ALL of us to help redesign society to best serve and support all living beings. 

More Lightworkers are awakening every single day to help lead humankind through these huge changes. 

It is crystal clear– the best time to become a Lightworker is NOW. 

Your gifts and abilities are deeply needed by this world.



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