25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker

Sasha Citrine


Lightworker hand with rainbow prism reflection


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Is there someone in your circle who always knows how to make a difficult situation better?

Maybe it’s you.

Maybe you can skillfully de-escalate any argument that pops up.

Or maybe you act as a de facto therapist, providing comfort and holding space when someone is suffering.

Perhaps you just light up every room you’re in, soothing tensions and promoting collective wellbeing.

The Lightworker gift manifests in an infinite numbers of ways, as the Universe continues to grow and expand, opening up new opportunities for healing, growth, and spiritual leadership.

As you read through the Lightworker signs below, take note of how many are true for you. If you say YES to more than 10… you are definitely a Lightworker!

So let’s jump right in and discover the 25 most common signs of being a Lightworker.

  1. You often feel the presence of invisible forces.

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 1

You sense energetic shifts, spirits, and molecular phenomena that others don’t seem to notice. You always think you see something out of the corner of your eye. Lightworkers can sense subtle energy that many others cannot, and are often clairsentient.

  1. You feel like an outsider, and you don’t fit in anywhere. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 2

You’ve never really felt like you were ‘part’ of your group of friends. Popular or unpopular, you always choose to stand off to the sidelines. One of the most common signs of being a Lightworker is feeling like you live on another plain of existence, which few can understand.

  1. You’ve survived a “dark night of the soul.” 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 3

You know what it’s like to scrape rock bottom and live through some trauma. You are a fighter and you’ve survived dark times. Many people become Lightworkers only after undergoing a self-healing journey– usually following a “dark night of the soul.”

  1. You are unusually lucky. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 4

Things always seem to happen in your favor. Opportunities seem to arise at just the right moment. (And you may have had some very close calls avoiding danger.) A lesser known sign of being a Lightworker is experiencing a long streak of unusual good fortune– that’s the Universe affirming your path.

  1. You easily manifest your desires. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 5

Everything you dream, you achieve. You are great at setting goals, taking action, and following through to the conclusion. Lightworkers are often powerful manifesters because they feel deep gratitude and compelling visions of a better world.

  1. You believe in a higher power. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 6

The existence of God or Source is obvious to you. You see evidence of divine power everywhere you go. Lightworkers often feel a close affinity to a higher power, and can show remarkable spiritual leadership in any situtation.

  1. You experience very intense emotions. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 7

Euphoria, rage, and despair are no strangers to you. You seem to feel things more intensely than others do. Lightworkers have the power to amplify positive energy and light up any room– a gift that comes with experiencing a full spectrum of powerful emotions.

  1. You feel deep empathy for other beings. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 8

You feel others’ emotions as if they were your own. You can’t stand to see any creature suffering. And you are revitalized by others’ joy. Powerful empathy for others is a common sign of being a Lightworker.

  1. You can sense past and future events. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 9

You know what’s going to happen before it happens. You vividly remember past events that you didn’t physically witness. Lightworkers often have strong psychic abilities, and are often clairsentient or claircognizant.

  1. You respond profoundly to art, music, and literature. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 10

Art moves you and gives you life. You love to create and to celebrate the creations of others. Even a simple story or song can move you to tears and inspire you into action. Lightworkers connect with art on the highest vibrational levels, and can access hidden messages in the composition.

  1. You can easily enter a trance-like or flow state. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 11

You can calm yourself down very quickly regardless of your environment. You frequently go into “auto-pilot” and act without thinking. One of the strongest signs of being a Lightworker is being able to tap into alternate states of being with ease.  

  1. You attract friends and lovers who have a dark side. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 12

You resonate most with sensitive yet troubled individuals– who may struggle with mental health issues or self-destructive tendencies. Lightworkers often encounter troubled souls on their own healing journeys, and can help shine light for anyone who is experiencing dark times.

  1. Animals seem magnetically drawn to you. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 13

Wild and domestic animals approach you with curiosity. You easily win over the trust of animals who are tentative around humans. Creatures large and small are often instinctively attracted to Lightworkers’ vibrational energy.

  1. Babies and children seem magnetically drawn to you. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 14

Children follow you around and want to connect with you at all ages. Even babies love staring and smiling at you, despite you being a stranger to them. Young people are almost always attracted to the positive vibrational energy of Lightworkers.

  1. Elderly individuals seem magnetically drawn to you. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 15

Old people want to tell you long stories and seem to connect with you on an unspoken, energetic level. You may feel like you know them from a past life. One of the signs of being a Lightworker is being an ‘old soul’ and connecting easily with wise seniors.

  1. You are good at neutralizing conflicts. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 16

It’s easy for you to find and honor the common ground in any argument. You don’t engage in binary thinking, and you’re great at sharing your nuanced perspective with people in conflict, naturally bringing them back into balance. Lightworkers are skilled at bringing positive vibes into any difficult situation.

  1. You can sense when other beings are hurt or suffering. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 17

You feel the physical and emotional pain of others. If you’re not careful, you can get swept up in the suffering of other people. Most Lightworkers are empaths. Being able to sense the pain of others– and help alleviate it– is one of the most common signs of being a Lightworker.

  1. People say they feel better after interacting with you. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 18

Your presence has a healing and uplifting effect on everybody around you. You naturally put people at ease when they are troubled or suffering. Lightworkers naturally channel high vibrational light energy from the Universe for others to benefit from.

  1. You often notice synchronicities and unusual patterns. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 19

Do you always see 11:11? Repeating numbers, strange coincidences, and natural phenomena seem to follow you everywhere you go. Lightworkers tend to encounter signs and symbols from the Universe on a daily basis, all helping to guide them along their path.

  1. You feel pleasant tingling sensations in your hands or feet during moments of connection and relaxation. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 20

This sensation of energetic transfer is often felt when practicing reiki and other forms of energy work, but it’s certainly not limited to any formal practice. Warmth and tingling sensations can occur when you are acting as an energetic conduit between Source energy and another being. This is one of the most common physical signs of being a Lightworker.

  1. You’re often overcome with deep gratitude for being alive. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 21

The little pleasures and details in life inspire and revitalize you. Beautiful moments often bring tears of joy to your eyes. We all know that abundant gratitude is an essential ingredient for manifestation– and it’s also one of the clearest signs of being a Lightworker.

  1. You believe strongly in reincarnation. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 22

The cycle of death and rebirth makes natural sense to you. You may be able to remember or sense your own past lives or future lives. Lightworkers are able to see beyond this current existence and are essential to ushering in a new era of 5D consciousness that transcends time (and death).

  1. You can feel your vibrational frequency shifting from moment to moment. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 23

You’re acutely aware of when you are raising your vibration– and when you’re lowering it. You feel these shifts as a physical sensation in your body. Lightworkers are conscious of the energy they put forth into the Universe and feel drawn to higher and higher vibrational frequencies.

  1. You have a strong urge to help others and make the world a better place. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 24

You have no interest in spending time on activities that don’t help other people. You have boundless energy when it comes to anything that serves the greater good of humanity. One of the surest signs of being a Lightworker is being obsessed with making others’ lives better.

  1. You have experienced a profound spiritual shift during your lifetime. 

25 Surprising Signs You Are A Lightworker 25

You have gone through a period of darkness followed by a period of awakening and intense growth. You may have abandoned (or joined) a spiritual school of thought that has caused massive change in your life. One of the most powerful signs of being a Lightworker is undergoing a transformative spiritual awakening.

How many of the signs of being a Lightworker resonate with you? Let me know your Lightworker score in the comments below! (I got 21.)

Common Questions About Lightworkers

What is a Lightworker?

Lightworkers dedicate their lives to channeling universal energy and wisdom for the highest good of all beings. During their time on earth, Lightworkers strive to transcend ego and commit fully to serving others with love and compassion. 

Lightworkers are sensitive, intuitive, empathic, compassionate, caring beings. They feel drawn to helping others and serving the greatest good of all beings.

Unfortunately, not all Lightworkers have awakened to their divine purpose. In fact, most Lightworkers are still “asleep” to their true spiritual potential for ascendance and transmutation.

Can you become a Lightworker, or do you have to be born one?

We are all born with the potential to become Lightworkers. The Lightworker gift sometimes manifests at a very early age, but more often it takes decades of questioning, awakening, and work for a Lightworker to fully realize their potential.

If you are interested in learning how to develop your Lightworker gifts, check out my article “How to Become a Lightworker: The Complete Guide.

My Lightworker Story…

It took me many years to come to terms with my destiny as a Lightworker.

As a Highly Sensitive Person, I often struggled with intense anxiety and depression when faced with the shadows of modern life. The rhythm of “the normal world” felt unnatural to me and even made me sick at times. I tried to dull the sensations with drugs and alcohol, but that was only a temporary measure and eventually caused even more suffering.

But even as I scraped along rock bottom… I felt called to rise. Called to rise above the mindless, self-destructive habits that were taking my energy away from what truly mattered– lifting up other souls. And do I did.

I realized that as a Highly Sensitive Person, I had unique and powerful gifts that could help others heal, thrive, and ascend.

I could sense energies, feelings, and thoughts. I could use my communication skills to help others gain a new perspective on their own gifts (and challenges). I could share my healing journey and inspire others to heal themselves.

I know I’m just getting started figuring out how to best serve others as a Lightworker. (Beginner’s mind is something all Lightworkers should bring on their unique journeys.) The path and the destination are ever-evolving– and so are the purpose and gifts we all bring to the world.

The signs of being a Lightworker are infinite. The paths a Lightworker may take are limitless. You have the power to become a Lightworker– it just takes faith, focus, and hard work.

Lightworker hand with rainbow prism reflection

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