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You have BIG dreams. 

You want to live a successful life and make positive change in the world. You know you have the power to create a rewarding, happy life for yourself– but you just aren’t living up to your potential. 

You are a sensitive soul– and you’re overwhelmed by all the suffering, chaos, and negativity in the world today. To cope, you’ve developed unhealthy habits, and you struggle with low energy and bad moods. It’s impossible to put effort into life when you’re in this state. So as time goes on– you start believing you will never achieve your dreams. 

I’ve been there. 

After a promising childhood plastered with academic awards and achievements, I spent my teens and twenties scraping along rock bottom, navigating a barrage of unhealthy relationships, self-destructive habits, and failure. Despite all my potential, I kept finding ways to sabotage myself. 

I was in danger of dropping out of college. I skipped class daily and never did my homework.  I worked as a bartender, and I’d have 8 drinks before my shift even started. I constantly fought with my romantic partners, who always seemed to have anger issues of their own. I reneged on every major responsibility I had, and ruined countless friendships with my careless actions. 

Until one day, an ashtanga yoga class saved my life. 

I’d never practiced yoga before– but the rhythmic, meditative movement opened up a whole new way of seeing the world. Entirely by chance, my transformation had begun. 

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I started studying psychology, Eastern philosophy, and ancient spiritual principles. I saw a therapist. I exercised. I gave up heavy drinking and cigarettes. With trial and error, I developed actionable tactics and techniques that helped me identify and start living in alignment with my true values.

Miraculous connections and new opportunities opened up for me. I experienced dramatic improvements in every area of my life, from my health, to my career, to my relationships. By purifying and nourishing my body, I was able to gain clarity of mind and unlock my true potential.

Best of all– I truly love myself now!

I spent years of my life suffering from depression and anxiety because I didn’t know how to rise above the stress and negativity in our world. I hated myself for living a destructive existence that didn’t reflect who I really was as a person.

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you. 

I created Vital Ethos to help you embark on your own healing and self-empowerment journey. Using a customized, interdisciplinary approach, I will teach you how to achieve emotional mastery and fully step into your power as the conscious creator of your own life. 

With powerful techniques and simple mindset shifts, you can start living the life of your dreams. You can find fulfillment in every area of your life, from your career, to your relationships, to your health and emotional wellbeing.  

The fact that you are here is a sign that you are ready to transform your life.



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After that, every few weeks I’ll send you life-changing advice to continue guiding you on your journey to creating a truly extraordinary life. 

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