7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance)

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7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 1


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Do you just know things– without any proof or evidence?

Intuitives, empaths, and highly sensitive people are often able to sense unspoken truths and unseen realities. There is a name for this powerful gift of knowing– claircognizance.

Sadly, not all claircognizants are aware of their abilities. Modern society has conditioned us from a young age to ignore our intuition and instead rely on empirical evidence. While fact-checking is certainly important, it’s also critical to acknowledge there is often more going on than can be measured or explained by our current systems of knowledge.

In this blog post, you will learn exactly what claircognizance is, how you can tell if you’re claircognizant, and how to develop your abilities if you possess this incredible skill.

What is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance, or clear knowing, is the psychic ability to know things without any rational or logical explanation.

Claircognizant people are able to experience visions, hear voices, and sense the presence of spirits around them. Claircognizance is not a learned skill; it’s an innate gift that only some people have, which can be developed with practice and patience.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 2

If you are claircognizant, your brain is able to receive large, spontaneous ‘downloads’ from your intuition– and suddenly, you just know vast amounts of information within seconds.

Claircognizance differs from other psychic abilities, like clairvoyance and clairsentience, because claircognizance can operate without sensory perception or emotional input– it is knowing in its purest form.

(To learn more about clairsentience– knowing through emotional feeling–  check out our blog post on the topic!)

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant

Think you might be claircognizant, but need a little extra validation?

Here are the top 7 signs YOU might be claircognizant:

1. You Pick Up New Skills Incredibly Quickly.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 3

The claircognizant brain is able to access information without spending time thinking about it– so claircognizants can pick up new skills extremely quickly.

From learning a new language to complex mathematical and mechanical process, claircognizants are often described as geniuses, virtuosos, or even savants.

Because claircognizants can process information on a deeper level without the need for hours of intense concentration, they are often capable of learning new skills even if they have only observed them once!

If you find yourself acing your classes, flying up the career ladder, or otherwise drawing copious praise and recognition for your intellectual abilities, it’s quite possible you are claircognizant!

2. You Have Sudden Bursts of Insight or Inspiration.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 4

Claircognizance is also characterized by sudden bursts of insight or inspiration.

Claircognizants often report feeling a “creative urge” that sweeps away any sense of conscious thought and allows them to work at an increased level of skill for long periods of time without stopping.

Claircognizants can enter a flow state quickly and easily. It can even feel as if they are possessed during these episodes, and claircognizants report that it’s often hard to explain where their ideas are coming from.

If you ‘black out’ for hours when immersed in your work or creative pursuits, often to emerge with truly exceptional results, there is a good chance you are claircognizant!

3. You Excel at Schoolwork, Tests, and Exams.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 5

One of the most common signs of claircognizance is excelling at school.

Claircognizants report that they ace schoolwork, tests and exams because they don’t need to rely on studying and memorization.

In addition to being able to easily absorb and retain complex lectures without taking any notes, claircognizants also just seem to know the answers without being able to explain how or why.

Were you always at the top of your class in school, even though you barely tried? If so, it’s quite possible you are claircognizant!

4. You Can Easily Predict The End of Movies and Books.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 6

If you’re claircognizant, it’s not uncommon to start a book or movie and already know how it ends.

Spoiler alerts aside, claircognizants are able to pick up vast amounts of information from just the first few seconds of a story and immediately come to an accurate conclusion.

Because of this ability, claircognizants have the ability to make real-life decisions quickly because they can see all possible outcomes before deciding how to act to get their desired results.

Are you the one who can always predict how movies, shows, and books end? If so, you might just be claircognizant!

5. You Always Know Who Is About to Call Before Your Phone Rings.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 7

How many times has your phone rang and, without looking, you knew exactly who was calling? Or maybe you look over at your phone, and suddenly a call or text appears?

Claircognizants can predict the actions of other people with an alarming accuracy, often knowing exactly what people will say, do, or think without too much consideration.

Even when someone isn’t physically present, claircognizants tend to be highly tuned into that person’s every move, motive, and emotion.

If you seem to ‘just know’ when someone is about to call, text, or drop by for an unplanned visit– chances are you might be claircognizant.

6. You Always Win Guessing Games and Gambling.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 8

Claircognizants are winners when it comes to guessing games and gambling.

This even includes games like poker and blackjack where the odds will shift based on previous card combinations and there are no physical clues as to what is about happen next. As you might imagine, claircognizance can be quite a lucrative trait to have?

Claircognizants are able to use their innate understanding of probability and the subtle cues around them to make chillingly accurate predictions about what will happen next in any game of chance.

If you find yourself mentally playing out entire games or rounds before they even start (with a high degree of accuracy!), there is a good chance you are claircognizant.

7. You Are An Amazing Decision Maker.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 9

As with games and gambling, claircognizants are often highly successful with their life decisions, even when they have little to no information available.

Claircognizants usually know what the best move is and how it will all end before taking any action. They can often see see all possible outcomes of a decision before choosing the best one.

Do you always know what the right decision is, even when there is no obvious answer? You might just be claircognizant!

How to Develop Your Claircognizance

Many people with psychic abilities are not aware of their true powers.

Claircognizance, clairsentience, and other forms of ESP and psychic intuition are often dismissed as scammy pseudoscience, which discourages people from exploring their natural talents.

But the truth is, psychics have been a rich part of human history for centuries, across many different cultures and time periods. Although some of these stories may be exaggerated, there is no doubt that powerful, unexplained intuition is a gift many humans enjoy.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 10

Psychic abilities lie on a spectrum. We are all somewhere on that spectrum, psychically connected to the fabric of reality by varying degrees.

Like any skill, claircognizance can be practiced, strengthened, and refined. Here’s how:

  • Clear negative emotional energy from your psyche. Use light & sound meditation, journaling, or crystal therapy to block, neutralize, and dispel any lingering negative energy from your life. A clear emotional slate is a prerequisite for strengthening your claircognizance.
  • Develop psychic rituals that increase your sensitivity and intuition. Design your environment to be soothing and inspiring, then experiment with rituals that awaken your extrasensory perception. Candle ceremonies, water rituals, and arranging crystal altars are all great ways to tune into your natural claircognizance.
  • Practice making predictions every day. The best way to develop (and measure) your psychic abilities is to intentionally practice using them. When your phone rings, predict who is calling or texting before you look at the screen. When you’re about to receive big news, predict what is about to be revealed. Even playing simple card games and predicting which card you’ll draw next is a powerful way to develop your claircognizance.

Over time, you will find that your natural claircognizance can become incredibly powerful and accurate! It just takes practice, focus, and patience.

The Truth About Claircognizance…

Everyone is somewhere on the psychic spectrum.

Claircognizance is a powerful gift that can enrich your life and make every experience more enjoyable and interesting.

7 Signs You Are Claircognizant (And How to Develop Your Claircognizance) 11

If you suspect you might be claircognizant, you owe it to yourself to develop your abilities!

Start small, by clearing negative emotional energy and making fun predictions about minor events.

Over time, you’ll be amazed at how powerful and accurate your claircognizant abilities have become!

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