The 10 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy


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We are in the midst of intense global changes and a collective awakening. 

In this volatile environment, just one missed threat or unexpected misfortunate can have massive, long-term consequences for your health, your happiness, and your own personal awakening. 

In addition to taking common sense precautions to protect yourself from danger during this transition, you may also want to consider utilizing crystals as an additional buffer against negative energy. 

Every major ancient culture has used crystals and gemstones for protection, empowerment, and healing. 

While the beneficial effects of crystals are often dismissed as a placebo effect or pseudoscience, there is no doubt that intentionally choosing talismans and practicing rituals with them is an empowering practice for living an aware, mindful life. 

Living an aware, mindful life is the BEST way to navigate the collective changes we are all facing, providing psychic protection against negative side effects like conflict, and chaos. 

What Are The Best Crystals for Protection?

The best crystals for protection excel at absorbing and neutralizing negative energy. Dark, reflective, and opaque stones usually have strong protective properties, and are able to absorb, deflect, and diffuse energetic threats. Conversely, certain light, translucent crystals are believed to transmute negative forces into higher vibration light energy. 

The 10 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy 1

Wielded correctly, crystals can be used to ward off many types of negative energy, including: 

  • Negative emotions
  • Toxic thought patterns
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Bad luck and misfortune

The crystals on this list have been carefully selected based on the testimony of crystal healers and the wisdom of ancient traditions. However, the most important aspect of using crystals for protection is setting clear intentions and following meaningful crystal rituals that enhance your sense of well-being. For more on cleansing, charging, and programming your crystals, I highly suggest Yulia van Doren’s (gorgeous!) instant classic “The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing.”

If you are ready to learn about the best crystals for protection against negative energy– read on!

1. Black Tourmaline

Use Black Tourmaline for protection against negative thoughts and emotions, bad actors, and environmental toxins.

The 10 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy 2
A stunning hunk of raw Black Tourmaline from Wild Sage Shop Co on Etsy.

Black Tourmaline is a vertically striated, inky black prismatic crystal with a stunning, yet understated luster. 

It is the only common mineral with 3-sided prisms. Black Tourmaline also has piezoelectric & pyroelectric properties– meaning it can transduce mechanical energy into an electrical current or vibration. 

These properties make Black Tourmaline crystal exceptionally good at warding off negative energy. In particular, Black Tourmaline shields against psychic harm, negative thoughts, and bad intentions.

A heavy, grounding crystal associated with the lower chakras, Black Tourmaline can imbue you with confidence and strength. Black Tourmaline also protects the body from environmental toxins and pollutants, like EMF and radiation. 

How to Use Black Tourmaline for Protection

Black Tourmaline in its raw form best embodies the full power of the crystal.

Try setting a large chunk of raw Black Tourmaline in the corner of a room, opposite the entrance.

The stone will absorb and neutralize negative energy that enters your space, subtly harmonizing and purifying your environment. 

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2. Pyrite

Use Pyrite for protection against aggression, dominance, and conflict. 

The 10 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy 3
A beautiful Pyrite sphere from High Vibe Healing Gems on Etsy.

Pyrite is a dense, cubic, brassy-hued metallic mineral often known as “fool’s gold.” 

Derived from the Greek word ‘pyr,’ which means fire, Pyrite embodies masculine energy, strength, and confidence. Pyrite has been used as a flintstone to start fires for many centuries. 

The dense, reflective nature of Pyrite makes it exceptionally good at deflecting and neutralizing harmful energy and threats. That includes microscopic threats like viruses and bacteria– Pyrite has been shown to have antibacterial properties.

Pyrite is known to embolden and energize the user– and these benefits can also help defend against danger. Bringing your frequency into alignment with a threat can neutralize it and rebalance polarized energies in a conflict. 

How to Use Pyrite for Protection

Polished Pyrite spheres are especially empowering, and really show off the rugged natural beauty of this stone.

To maximize the protective benefits of Pyrite, position your Pyrite sphere or other Pyrite form in a prominent location, ideally near the main entrance to your home or near your bed.

Pick up your Pyrite often to express gratitude and ask for a protective shield from harm. 

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3. Black Obsidian

Use Black Obsidian for protection against falsehoods, manipulation, and enemies. 

The 10 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy 4
A gorgeous wire wrapped Black Obsidian pendant from Little Wraps on Etsy.

Obsidian is not actually a crystal– it’s crystallized volcanic glass. 

Borne of lava, intermingling fire, earth, air, and water elements, Black Obsidian can be extremely sharp, and has been used to craft blades and tools for centuries. 

Dark and mirror-like, Black Obsidian has strong grounding and neutralizing properties. Crystal healers praise the stone for revealing truths and fighting negative energy, especially concealed negativity and enemies. 

Black Obsidian also excels at aiding and supporting shadow work. It grounds the user and opens the lower chakras, promoting deep exploration of the subconscious.

By reflecting inner truth back to the user, Black Obsidian helps integrate their shadow work into spiritual awakening. 

How to Use Black Obsidian for Protection

Obsidian is an excellent protective stone to take with you outside the home.

Obsidian necklaces and bracelets showcase the glossy beauty of the stone, while shielding and supporting you as you go about your business and daily obligations.

Carrying Obsidian with you at all times will help you stay grounded and aware, even in the midst of hardship and conflict. 

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4. Amethyst

Use Amethyst for protection against stress, chaos, and electromagnetic frequencies. 

The 10 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy 5
The most swoon-worthy Dream Amethyst point from Rainbow Iris Designs on Etsy.

Amethyst, with its luminous violet hue and striking crystal formations, is a beloved gem to many.

As one of the most celebrated members of the quartz family, Amethyst has piezoelectric properties that allow it to transmute mechanical pressures into an electrical charge.

The reverse is also true– an electrical current applied to Amethyst and other quartz crystals results in mechanical vibration of the stone.

Amethyst is used to encourage tranquility and help the user enter a higher state of consciousness, rising above stress and chaos.

This crystal soothes the mind, promoting focus, clarity, and inner peace. Amethyst can spark intuitive revelations that aid in avoiding danger and harm. 

The ancient Greeks believed Amethyst guarded against intoxication and drunkenness, and indeed healers today still laud in the protective qualities of amethyst. 

How to Use Amethyst for Protection

I love using Amethyst points for protection around the home.

Something about the potent architecture of the polished, honed Amethyst point helps me effortlessly to embody and attract peace and clarity.

I usually keep my Dream Amethyst point standing sentry over my desk as I work from home, but will often wield it as a wand to do energy sweeps over my body to dispel tension and negative thought patterns. 

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5. Fluorite

Use Fluorite for protection against toxic energy, nihilism, and disharmony. 

The 10 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy 6
A chunky, jaw-dropping Fluorite point from Yellow Tree Co Shop on Etsy.

Available in a rainbow array of luminous colors, including purple, green, pink, and yellow, Fluorite is truly a captivating crystal. 

Fluorite is prized amongst industrialists and gemologists alike. Used in iron smelting as flux to aid in the flow of metals, Fluorite is also believed to aid in the flow of emotional energy as well. 

Many people feel deep calmness and clarity from just looking upon a Fluorite crystal. The stone has powerful purifying, uplifting, and soothing benefits, which provides exceptional protection against toxic energy and disharmony.

Fluorite is believed to rejuvenate your aura and overall energy field, removing negative energy and drawing in higher frequency light. 

How to Use Fluorite for Protection

Fluorite points are powerful concentrators of protective light and energy.

Situated prominently on my desk, my polished Fluorite point seems to suck negative vibes from the space while amplifying higher frequency wavelengths and radiating light. I bring it into direct sunlight often for cleansing and recharging, setting fresh intentions for protection every time I handle the crystal.

When cared for properly, Fluorite is a powerhouse of psychic protection. 

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6. Red Jasper

Use Red Jasper for protection against injustice, conflict, and impotence.

Red Jasper is a powerful shielding crystal, used by ancient warriors as a talisman to enhance vitality, endurance, and courage. 

Deep fiery red with an opaque luster, Red Jasper is believed to stabilize energetic fields, balancing and grounding polarized or chaotic energy deep into the earth. 

Red Jasper has both calming and invigorating effects (depending on the energy balance of a particular situation), making it an excellent stone for protecting against conflict and strife, as well as weakness and apathy. 

Red Jasper is also associated with passion and Kundalini energy. It has the power to sustain and strengthen your lower chakras, leading to spiritual awakening and massive paradigm shifts. 

How to Use Red Jasper for Protection

The best way to utilize Red Jasper for protection is to carry a tumbled stone on your person at all times.

A gorgeous Red Jasper wrapped pendant necklace or even a small polished Red Jasper crystal in your pocket has powerful shielding benefits, while also enhancing your personal energetic field and focus.

When you need a boost of protective energy, grasp your Red Jasper in your hand and ask for protection. As the stone warms up and harmonizes with your vibrational energy, it will help shield you from external threats and conflict.

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7. Smoky Quartz

Use Smoky Quartz for protection against negative energy, obstacles, and radiation.

Smoky Quartz embodies both dark and light energy, providing a grounding and anchoring benefit to all who use it. 

Smoky Quartz is believed to promote balance and stability. This beloved crystal is renowned for its ability to absorb negative energy, releasing it into the earth to be diffused and neutralized.

As a member of the quartz family, Smoky Quartz demonstrates strong pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties. Some Lightworkers believe that Smoky Quartz can form a protective shield of light energy around those who wield it skillfully. 

How to Use Smoky Quartz for Protection

Raw Smoky Quartz clusters are excellent for absorbing negative energy.

Crystal healing expert and author Krista Mitchell recommends placing Smoky Quartz at your feet while you sleep to draw negative energy, thoughts, and emotions out of your body, neutralizing them.

Mitchell also suggests holding Smoky Quartz in your non-dominant hand to help anchor and ground you during spiritual work, psychic exploration, or even during the stresses of everyday life. 

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8. Blue Kyanite

Use Blue Kyanite for protection against anger, confusion, and pain.

The 10 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy 9
Absolutely beautiful stacking sterling silver ring set with Blue Kyanite and sapphire, made by eMerakiGalaxy on Etsy.

Blue Kyanite excels at promoting psychic awareness, tranquility, and flow. 

This translucent, azure crystal is the perfect support stone for speaking truth to power. Blue Kyanite is associated with the Third (or Throat) Chakra, and is believed to amplify high vibrational energy and assist in all matters of communication. 

Uniquely, Blue Kyanite does not require cleansing before use– it doesn’t retain negative energy, instead repelling and diffusing any negative vibrations that come its way. 

Many believe Blue Kyanite has the power to automatically align all the chakras, subtle bodies, and energetic systems when properly charged. 

How to Use Blue Kyanite for Protection

Because Blue Kyanite does not need to be cleansed, it’s an extremely versatile crystal for a variety of uses.

Try wearing a necklace or bracelet crafted from raw Blue Kyanite for an effortless protective boost.

Raw Blue Kyanite is also an excellent stone for hard-to-reach places, since it can be left alone undisturbed indefinitely, working its supportive magic.

Blue Kyanite is especially powerful when placed in areas where work and communication happen frequently, as it amplifies high vibrational energy and shields against confusion and conflict. 

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9. Labradorite

Use Labradorite for protection against hopelessness, weakness, and mental blockages. 

Labradorite is believed to be one of the most magical crystals in the world. 

Shimmering, glossy, and darkly iridescent, Labradorite displays a broad range of peacock tones with every flicker of light. Labradorite’s unmatched reflective properties help shield against negative energy and misfortune. 

But Labradorite’s protective benefits truly shine when it comes to the positive, encouraging aspects of this crystal’s power. Labradorite enhances the intuition and psychic abilities, promoting creativity and spontaneity. 

Labradorite can be used to balance and harmonize persistent internal negative energy and thought patterns, channeling higher and higher vibrations over time.

Lightworkers use Labradorite to protect and fortify their auras, raising the energetic body to the highest possible frequency. 

How to Use Labradorite for Protection

Labradorite is one of the absolute best companion crystals for protection.

Labradorite truly shines in jewelry, and when placed on the body acts as a powerful shield against negative energy, harmonizing all situations and conflicts it encounters.

Freeform Labradorite is also extremely powerful, and truly illuminates and raises the vibration of any space it graces.

Labradorite is my stone of choice for meditating on my dreams and desires, as it provides guidance and clarity when it comes to guarding against obstacles and threats. 

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10. Hematite

Use Hematite for protection against volatility, psychic stress, and toxic energy. 

The 10 Best Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy 11
Unique palm stones made of Hematite and Pyrite combined! By Aura Vault on Etsy.

Hematite is a dense, iron oxide crystal mineral with a dark metallic luster and bewitching blood-red undertones.

Mirror-like Hematite was prized in Ancient Greece, Egypt, and amongst Native American cultures for its grounding and protective qualities.

Hematite excels at deflecting negative energy, and can absorb and neutralize even the darkest threats. 

Hematite is closely tied to Earth energy, and is celebrated for its ability to bring the user down to earth and provide internal strength and conviction.

Also associated with blood and the circulatory system, Hematite is prized for helping to keep energy flowing through the physical and subtle bodies. 

How to Use Hematite for Protection

Polished Hematite touchstones are incredibly soothing and grounding when placed against the skin.

Here is one popular method for leveraging the protective power of Hematite:

  1. Hold two polished Hematite crystals, one in each hand.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position and begin to meditate on the energetic sensations flowing through your body. (Many people feel positive energy, warmth, or light flowing into the body through their non-dominant hand, and subsequently feel darker, negative energy or trauma leaving the body through the dominant hand.)
  3. Ask your Hematite to help strengthen this natural flow of energy, restoring balance and grounding you into the earth.

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The #1 Reason to Use Crystals for Protection…

Undoubtedly, our collective awakening is bringing many positive changes and transformations to our world. But, as with any big change, there are often negative side effects, unforeseen challenges, and new threats. 

Forming a strong foundation of mindfulness and awareness is critical to navigating this awakening successfully and rising to a higher level of consciousness. 

Protective crystals and talismans are powerful and accessible tools for cultivating the mindfulness and awareness YOU need to survive in this new world. 

  • Start small with your favorite crystal from the list– whatever resonates with you most. 
  • Create your own crystal ritual by cleansing, charging, and programming the stone. 
  • Spend time meditating or connecting with your crystal on a regular basis. 
  • Enjoy the feelings of protection, support, and wellbeing that arise from your practice! 
Hands holding a chunk of raw black tourmaline, one of the best crystals for protection


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