Crystal altar shelf filled with a variety of crystal towers


How to Create the Perfect Crystal Altar

Creating your own crystal altar can attract positive transformational experiences to your life, activating higher and higher levels of awareness and understanding. It is a rewarding, empowering experience that all spiritual seekers should try!

Selenite wand arranged with smudging supplies in a flat lay


How to Use Selenite: Properties, Benefits, and Meaning

Selenite is a must-have powerful crystal with many properties and uses! Selenite can help heal your mind and body, bring peaceful and restorative energy to any space, and open up clear channels of communication with the spirit world.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals: A Complete Guide 1


How to Cleanse Your Crystals: A Complete Guide

Learn how to cleanse your crystals easily and conveniently! Compare different methods, including sound cleansing, sunlight, moonlight, grounding, and smudging.

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