What Does Moldavite Do? Moldavite Properties, Uses, and Warnings


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Moldavite may be one of the most notoriously ‘dangerous’ crystals.

Everyone and their hippie mom seems to have a cautionary tale about things going wrong when moldavite was involved.

But what does moldavite do, exactly? Read on to find out.

What is Moldavite?

Initially introduced as ‘chrysolite’ in a 1786 scientific lecture by Josef Mayor of Prague University, the name ‘moldavite’ didn’t become common until 1836. The name is derived from the word Moldau, which is a river in the Czech Republic where the crystal was first found.

Moldavite is not actually a crystal – rather, it’s a type of naturally forming glass with a very unique chemical composition. Technically, moldavite is a ‘Tektite‘ – which means the glass was formed by meteorite impacts.

There are many theories about when moldavite first appeared on earth. Most crystal experts believe moldavite first formed 15 million years ago when the heat from an asteroid impact sent hot glass flying around Europe, where moldavite continues to be mined to this day.

What Does Moldavite Do?

Moldavite is commonly nicknamed ‘The Holy Grail Stone’ or ‘Stone of Transformation’ due to its intense high vibrational frequency.

This powerful stone is extremely versatile and boasts many uses – but just make sure you’re using it safely.

Moldavite Has Intense Transformational Properties

Although moldavite is believed to have healing properties, many crystal experts urge extreme caution due to the intense transformational qualities of moldavite. It is not recommended for beginners.

Moldavite Can Amplify & Modify Other Crystals

Moldavite is also used to magnify the properties of other crystals around it. When charging them together, the concentrated power of the moldavite helps magnify the energy of your other crystals.

Moldavite can also act as a modifier for other crystals, and can even energetically overpower some of the softer stones. If your other crystals start looking dull or giving off a stagnant energy, remove any moldavite immediately.

Moldavite Can Help You Communicate With Higher Powers

There are claims that moldavite possesses the power to connect to higher powers in the universe and with your higher self, including ascendants and divine ancestors.

Moldavite Can Help Clear Emotional Baggage & Boost Self-Awareness

Experienced healers swear by moldavite – they use it to clear auras and emotional baggage from those who seek their services.

Moldavite is believe to accelerate the process of uncovering emotions and becoming more self-aware, helping you get unstuck from difficult or stagnant situations.

When you wear moldavite, it can increase the frequency of surprising and self-reflective incidents in your life. Some users find that when wearing moldavite they get light-headed or ungrounded which may be due to the intense vibrational energy of the stone.

How To Use Moldavite Safely

More than other crystals, moldavite requires unwavering clarity, purpose, and awareness from the user.

Make sure you’ve identified exactly how you intend to use your moldavite, and decisively end the session once your usage is complete (or if you start to notice strange occurences).

As with all crystals, be sure you spend some time cleansing and charging your moldavite using it. Additionally, always cleanse your moldavite after you’re finished using it as well, to remove any residual energy from the session.

How to Identify Authentic Moldavite

Beware fake moldavite, which has been known to turn up at crystal shops around the world.

Moldavite is naturally green in color, and many fakes are made with green sea glass.

But these fakes won’t have the unique texture that is a signature of moldavite, which can be identified by its bumpy, translucent, glassy surface highlighted with internal bubbles and swirls.

If the piece you are looking at is flawless with no bubbles, or matte and smooth, you might be looking at a fake!

The Bottom Line About Moldavite

Again – this crystal is not for beginners.

But for those with the discipline and steadiness to harness the powerful transformative properties of moldavite, untold rewards may wait.

Green moldavite crystal on a reflective black surface


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When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links on this website, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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