What Do Doves Symbolize?


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Doves with wide-open wings that are carrying an olive branch are widely recognized in the vast majority of political and religious traditions.

This is because the dove has been traditionally associated as a messenger of peace but aside from this generic interpretation of a dove, you may be wondering what else they represent on a spiritual level?

Dove Symbolism

If you encounter a dove in your daily life, this can represent a wide variety of things, especially if they appear to you in a distinctly synchronistic manner. Doves that present themselves to you in this way can represent faith, a renewed sense of purpose, purity and intuitive communication.

They also may show up to symbolize the end of a hard period in your life and to remind you that a new cycle of self-awareness is emerging. The presence of a dove can indicate a peaceful restoration of energy and a realignment of your inner word.

These beautifully gentle birds have a unique spiritual depth to their being and so you should be prepared to engage into deeper spiritual depths in your own being.

These creatures tend to stir up deeper meanings and thus, their interpretation will always be tailored to the individual’s experience at the time.

There is a good reason why doves have often been used in the context of divination throughout the centuries as doves are undoubtedly connected to the spiritual realm and are often sent to us as messengers from those who have passed.

This is because they are influenced by the unique flow of spiritual guidance that is required during times of tribulation.

Doves can represent a deepened communication with your own initiation and also encourage you to find your inner peace again. They are typically associated with the third chakra which is also linked to emotional expression, unique creativity, and honest discernment.

Doves are symbolic of divine love that flows abundantly into your life and this is reflected in how you choose to express your authentic sense of self.

They can therefore act as a source of encouragement to return to your inner truth and use your voice accordingly in a peaceful and proactive manner.

The presence of a dove may inherently make you believe that compassion is overcoming you as it can often awaken the empathic nature of the human spirit which allows you to deepen your connection with the divine source and authentically weave yourself into the universal design.

Doves will open your heart centre fully and this will thus allow you to freely give and receive love and recognize that love is part of your very essence.

If a dove appears to you in a synchronistic manner then now is the right time to be in touch with your rich emotions and become increasingly receptive to creative ideas and your spiritual intuition.

They may also awaken a desire to connect intensely and intimately with your life experiences and this inherently awakens your soul to want to love life in a deeper way with more passion and vigour.

If a dove appears to you in this synchronistic way then you may be entering into a season in your life where you are seeking more spiritual fulfilment and are acquiring the skills needed to plant the seeds of a new life.

Doves will give you a boost of confidence that naturally emerges from a peaceful acceptance of oneself.

This is the perfect time to focus on your intuition and receive the messages that are being delivered to you from the spiritual realm and you should ideally engage in creative activities that will enable you to open your intuition to the fullest extent.

Writing, painting, meditating and solo travelling can be extremely helpful to assist you in the process of opening up on a deeper level.

You should also pay particular attention to any alternative synchronicities that are appearing in your life right now especially if they appear to you in threes.

Doves are often linked to the number three and will also often bring you messages on three occasions.

What do doves symbolize

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Dove Visiting You?

A visiting dove may bring the energy of patience into your life and it undoubtedly highlights the importance of living your life with purposeful intention.

If you have been feeling out-of-sorts lately then a dove may visit you in order to encourage you to stabilise any tumultuous emotional energy and restore harmony into your life.

A visit from a dove is often reflective of how you need to release that which is no longer serving you, particularly the resistance to the spiritual flow that guides you at all times.

This is a time to resist exerting control and to thus allow for events to naturally occur without trying to force things to happen in a certain way.

Release any expectations as this is a period of rebirth where you are required to let go of things that you are clinging to.

A dove may also pay you a visit after an intense period of trauma or grief, this is s message from the spiritual realm to remind you that you are surrounded by an abundance of love and protection. It is also indicative that the period of hardship that you have experienced is coming to an end soon.

What If A Dove Crosses Your Path?

A dove that crosses your path, either by air or on the ground, is a sign that you are a peacekeeper. You are being invited to view a conflict from a variety of different sides and from a place of neutral acceptance.

This is the perfect time to set aside your normal intense beliefs and to view a situation without being overly emotionally charged.

Doves will thus invite you to take a neutral, contrarian point of view and to detach yourself from the realm of popular belief.

If you are feeling particularly enraged by a political or social injustice, then this may be the perfect time to take a break from the media and instead focus on your meditation.

You may be notably surprised by the revelations that occur when you remove external noise from your life.

A dove that crosses your path is also symbolic of the need for compassion and cooperation in your affairs and that you should try to accept people irrespective of their beliefs.

You may soon be placed in a position where you will be invited to help others accept differences and to love their neighbors regardless.


Doves are beautiful and peaceful birds that carry messages and meaning to us from the spiritual world. They are inherently connected to other realms and can help to teach us an awful lot.

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When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links on this website, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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