How to Use Selenite: Properties, Benefits, and Meaning


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Selenite is one of the most versatile and powerful healing crystals!

Despite its power, selenite is an exceedingly soft and gentle crystal, perfect for empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive souls.

Selenite is believed to open up channels to other dimensions and facilitate communication with angels and spirit guides. It is associated with goddess energy and the Divine Feminine.

Selenite is commonly used to purify and charge other crystals. For healing purposes, selenite can also help you sleep better, feel more grounded, and release emotional baggage.

Read on to learn more about the amazing properties of selenite!

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a form of gypsum that occurs in crystal formations. It can range from white to gray and sometimes even blue or pink.

Selenite’s coloration depends on the trace minerals present with selenium: sulfur produces a yellow hue; uranium an orange-pink tinge; mercury creates shades of violet or lilac.

Selenite often forms in long and striated rods or slabs, perfect for charging wands and plates. Some selenite formations can grow to be up to 35 feet long!

Selenite is found most commonly at seashores and mines where gypsum deposits are located. Selenite is found all over the world, although the largest specimens are usually uncovered in the caves of Mexico, Morocco and Madagascar.

Selenite is a soft mineral. It is fragile and breaks easily, so is not often used in jewelry or objects that are handled frequently. However, as a healing crystal for your home or body, selenite shines!

Selenite Properties

Selenite is known for having a wide range of uses, making it one of the most versatile healing crystals out there!

Selenite is excels at neutralizing negative energy, boosting the body’s natural healing processes, and for cleansing and charging other crystals.

Selenite brings a tranquil, peaceful energy to any space, and is believed to assist in opening up channels of communication with the spirit world.

Let’s dive deeper into the many helpful properties of selenite!

Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite’s healing properties are gentle yet highly effective, working to enhance the body and mind’s innate healing abilities.

Indispensable to reiki practitioners, energy workers, and crystal healers, selenite is said to have many healing properties, including:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving circulation
  • Protecting against electromagnetic radiation
  • Enhancing regeneration of skin, bones, and hair
  • Helping with sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Alleviating chronic pain, headaches, and joint pain
  • Helping to remove toxins from the kidneys and liver
  • Supporting DNA activation and overall wellbeing

It’s no wonder selenite is one of the most popular and respected healing crystals!

Metaphysical Properties of Selenite

Selenite is undoubtedly one of the most spiritually charged and otherworldly crystals in this world.

Angelic and luminous, selenite helps clear energy blocks in the body and mind, and is often used in aura cleansing and reiki.

Closely associated with the Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra, selenite draws light into the energetic body and assists in communication with spirit guides, angels, and multidimensional beings.

As a powerful metaphysical crystal, selenite is great for:

  • Transmuting negative energy into high vibrational frequencies
  • Removing curses and spells
  • Healing emotional wounds from this lifetime or past lifetimes
  • Easing the transition into death and the afterlife
  • Protection from malicious spirits during seances and channeling
  • Helping support astral projection and out-of-body experiences
  • Accessing the Akashic records and unlocking past life wisdom
  • Awakening dormant psychic abilities
  • Opening the third eye

Purifying Properties of Selenite

Selenite is one of the best crystals for neutralizing and removing negative energy, encouraging a tranquil, positive atmosphere.

As a purifying crystal, selenite is great for:

  • Removing negative energy from any environment
  • Cleansing other crystals
  • Neutralizing electromagnetic radiation
  • Purification spells and rituals
  • Crystal grid layouts for purification and cleansing
  • Purifying water by helping to neutralize pollutants, such as chlorine or heavy metals (NOTE: always use a high quality water filter when drinking or cooking with water of unknown quality)

As you can see, selenite’s purifying properties are virtually limitless!

Charging Properties of Selenite

Beyond its purifying properties, Selenite is celebrated for its ability to focus and direct an energetic charge.

As a powerful charging crystal, selenite is great for:

  • Charging other crystals with healing energy
  • Raising high vibrational energy levels in a space
  • Promoting optimism and general wellness
  • Generating a protective forcefield around the user
  • Charging a crystal ball or pendulum to clear it of previous readings before using for future sessions

The next time you need to attract peaceful yet uplifting energy into your life, make sure you reach for selenite!

How to Use Selenite

Selenite has the power to positively transform all areas of your life!

It is important that you set clear intentions and follow established protocols before using selenite so you can properly access and control its incredible abilities.

Let’s learn about the different rituals, placements, and situations for using selenite, and how you can maximize the amazing power of this unique crystal.

How to Use Selenite in Your Home

Selenite is the perfect crystal to complement any home decor, with its neutral, milky hue and gentle, yet powerful, energetic field.

Selenite is also an extremely beneficial crystal to use in your home, because selenite is one of the most powerful stones to use for clearing negative energy and restoring clarity and balance.

Al fresco dining table with selenite towers and lamps arranged on top
Selenite Lamps and Towers by MelanThreadsDesigns on Etsy

To use selenite in your home, place it in the corner of your room, near a doorway or window, to prevent negative energy from entering. Selenite will work to neutralize and dispel any low vibrational energy that crosses the threshold.

You can also place selenite on an altar, with or without other crystals, to amplify its uplifting and peaceful influence. Selenite is most powerful when laying flat and open to receive high vibrational energy from the Universe.

How to Use Selenite for Healing Your Mind & Body

Selenite is an extremely soothing and healing crystal for both your mind and body.

In the mental and emotional realm, selenite can help you feel more grounded, release emotional baggage, and let go of pent up anger.

In the physical realm, selenite is used to ease body aches and pains, reduce inflammation, protect against toxicity and EMF, and promote restful sleep by allowing your body to fully relax and recharge.

Here are some tips for unlocking the full healing power of selenite:

  • Meditate while holding selenite in your left hand. The crystal will act as a charging rod, channeling healing energy from the universe into your body.
  • Lay down in a comfortable position, and place selenite on your third eye to help reset your mental and emotional energies.
  • Wave a selenite wand over the body to sweep negative energy away, encouraging high vibrational energy from the universe to enter the body instead.
  • Place selenite on the lower abdomen during sleep to enhance fertility.

How to Use Selenite to Cleanse Other Crystals

Selenite’s powerful cleansing properties make this stone one of the best tools for keeping your other crystals clean.

Selenite plate cleansing and charging other crystals
Selenite Plate by YellowTreeCoShop on Etsy

Selenite will play a pivotal role in any crystal altar you create. The mere presence of this powerful cleansing crystal allows it to constantly remove and neutralize negative energy from your other crystals. For best results, place your other crystals on top of a selenite plate or tray to optimize the cleaning effect.

How to Cleanse and Charge Selenite

Like all crystals, selenite must be cleansed and charged to unlock its full power.

The best ways to cleanse selenite include moonlight, grounding, smudging, or sound cleansing. Selenite can also be recharged via these same cleansing rituals, although it’s important to set clear intentions for the energy you want your selenite to absorb and hold. Read our complete guide on how to cleanse your crystals for more details.

Because selenite is so porous and absorbent, avoid placing selenite in direct sun for extended periods of time. Selenite should never be exposed to water or moisture. Selenite is also sensitive to chemicals and should not be used in combination with cleaning products, perfumes, shampoos, soaps or detergents.

Selenite Meaning and History

From ancient times to the current day, selenite has been prized for its beauty, healing powers, and connection to the Divine.

Selenite is named after the Ancient Greek goddess of the moon, the mysterious Selene. Believed to provide protection over us while we sleep, Selene is a powerful representation of Divine Feminine energy, a trait that also manifests in the selenite crystal.

Fantasy image of a goddess gazing at the moon

Selenite has also been used in Ancient Egyptian burials. The luminous crystal was laid next to the deceased as protection against evil spirits during their journey into the afterlife. The Egyptians also used selenite to promote fertility and reproductive health.

With the rise of New Age spirituality, selenite has been embraced as a tool to help open clear channels of communication with spirit guides, angels, and Divine Beings.


Selenite is a must-have powerful crystal with many uses!

Selenite can help heal your mind and body, bring peaceful and restorative energy to your home and workplace, and remove negative energy from the environment around you.

I highly recommend that everyone finds a way to incorporate the gentle yet potent magic of selenite into their life.

Fortunately, selenite is widely available and quite affordable! But it’s hard to know whether you’re buying genuine selenite from an ethical source.

My favorite place to find high quality, ethically-sourced crystals is on Etsy. I love supporting local small businesses and crystal suppliers!

Here are a few of my top selenite finds to get you started on your journey with this amazing crystal:

Selenite wand arranged with smudging supplies in a flat lay


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When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links on this website, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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