How to Start a Manifestation Journal (+ Manifestation Journal Prompts)


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Manifestation Journal

If you are someone who feels frustrated with where your life is at, underwhelmed by your current situation, or pessimistic about the future, then you could benefit from starting a manifestation journal.

Not only will it encourage you to spend time with your thoughts and articulate your desires, but it will also help you to make those desires become reality. 

Through asserting what you want in your journal you will subconsciously invite those things into your life, and allow them to quite literally ‘manifest’ as part of your new reality.

And through giving voice to your hopes and dreams you will cultivate a sense of gratitude and inner peace that will positively impact your daily life. Read on to find out how to start your own manifestation journal today.

What Is A Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is simply a journal which is focused on articulating your mindset and actively conjuring a positive reality.

It is closely linked to the practices of visualization and mood-boarding in that it encourages you to get specific about what you want from life, and harness positive energy from the world around you in order to convert that energy into the things you most desire. 

When you commit to keeping a manifestation journal you are committing to a daily writing task that can take a little or as long a time as you need it to.

There are no set rules for how you should write your journal, however there are some really useful writing prompts and formats that can help you focus your thoughts and be productive. More on these in just a moment.

How Do Manifestation Journals Work?

Language is one of the most powerful tools that we humans have. It sets apart from all other living things on earth and allows us to be sentient and self aware in a way that is highly sophisticated and meaningful.

Talking therapy has long been seen as an incredibly valuable way of working through trauma and sadness, and the written word can be just as effective a tool when it comes to hopes and aspirations. 

Writing things down is a supremely powerful exercise because it makes us take time to put our raw feelings into words, and to really choose what words we use.

Written language is more curated and considered than spoken work and has a more detailed and specific quality, which is very important when it comes to manifesting desires.

If we can use language to shape our dreams and explain their meaning, then we stand a much greater chance of bringing those dreams to life.

How To Start Manifestation Journaling

Anything can become a manifestation journal. A napkin in a restaurant, an old exercise book from school, or even an especially dedicated computer file, but it is most effective when all your journal entries are kept together.

This is because the cumulative effect of your writing is more powerful than the scattered entries on their own, and you will be better able to re-read and assess your desires if they are neatly ordered.

So, before you begin, buy a lovely new notepad or start a fresh folder on your computer to ensure that your manifestation journal is something you feel proud of and love going back to.

Writing your first entry can be very difficult, especially if you are not used to writing or speaking about your feelings. This is why different journal formats and prompts are an excellent way to kick-start the creative process and to keep you on track when you lose your way.

The style of journal that appeals to you will depend entirely on what it is that you are hoping to get out of it, and as there are no rules whatsoever, you can do as many or as few of these variations as you wish.

Let’s go through a few of the most popular formats so you can feel inspired and get manifesting your new reality today.

7 Powerful Manifestation Journal Prompts + Ideas

Morning Intentions Manifestation Journal

Let’s start with morning intentions, which are a wonderful way to get any day off to a positive and proactive start. With this format you take time in the morning, ideally when you first wake up, to articulate some things that you hope and intend to do with your day. 

Doing your journal in the morning kicks your day off to a flying start and fills you with a ‘can do’ attitude right from the start.

It can also help you get out of bed a little bit earlier which always feels like a gain, and keeps your intentions very fresh in your mind so your ability to make them manifest is increased.

Morning intention prompts include:

  • 3 things I intend to do today are…
  • 1 person I will speak to today is…
  • Today I will be…
  • Today I will say yes to…

Evening Reflections Manifestation Journal

If you are not a morning person, or perhaps have kids breakfasts to prepare and school runs to complete, then evening reflections might be more suitable for you.

This journal format is the style that is most similar to the traditional diary entries we used to make as children, you know, the ‘dear diary’ kind.

But rather than simply listing what you ate at lunch and complaining about what your older brother or sister did, these reflections are objective and purposeful.

Writing them just before you go to sleep is a very powerful way to make those thoughts and imaginings enter your dreamworld and become fleshed out.

We also do much growing and developing during sleep, so articulating important ideas before you switch the light out is like laying a seed in dark, fertile soil where it can thrive overnight.

Evening Reflection prompts include:

  • Today was amazing because…
  • Today I loved the way…
  • Tonight I will feel (a particular feeling that you sometimes struggle with)
  • Tomorrow is going to be amazing because…
  • Today I did really well at…

Appreciation Manifestation Journal

Our third manifestation journal format is the Appreciation style.

This journal style can be completed anytime, day or night, but it works best if you try to stick to the same time each day because this helps you to keep up with the commitment more easily and also helps the brain to form a healthy routine whereby feelings of gratitude begin to emerge on cue without much effort. 

Appreciation prompts are ideal for those who are feeling sad or despondent.

Even though it might seem like the least likely remedy, writing down what you are grateful for helps to refocus your mind away from the hardships you may be experiencing and to put the good things center stage.

You can actively invite more of what you love and enjoy into your life with this kind of practice, and the negative emotions will begin to fade and lose significance as a result.

Appreciation prompts include:

  • 3 people who I love in my life are…
  • Something I have today that I didn’t have last year is…
  • I am so incredibly grateful for…
  • Something that I have which many people don’t is…
  • 10 things I love about myself are…
  • Today I will be thankful every time…

Relationship Mender Manifestation Journal

If you are struggling in any kind of relationship, be it with a romantic partner, a friend or with a family member, the Relationship Mender journal format will help you to cultivate positive and loving feelings towards your other half. 

The idea is that you focus on articulating all the wonderful qualities that that person possesses and you will honestly find that the negative aspects of them become less and less prominent.

For many people, this is about falling back in love with the things that they used to appreciate about someone but have lost sight of over time.

For others this is about projecting positive qualities onto someone in order to encourage them to change for the better and become a more caring partner.

As you write down the specific details about what you love and admire in someone, those things rise to the surface of your consciousness and you will begin to notice them more and more. It really is incredibly effective.

Relationship Mender prompts include:

  • The thing I love most about her is …
  • He was really kind to me today when…
  • She really loves it when I …
  • My favorite part of his body is…
  • One thing that she does to make me laugh is…
  • I love the way he…

5 x 55 Manifestation Journal

The 5 x 55 journal format is one that has become very popular in recent years and many people absolutely swear by its results.

It is a very simple exercise but one that you have to see through to the end if you want to get the most out of it. All you have to do is think of a single sentence or statement that sums up your desire, then you have to write that statement out 55 times every morning for 5 consecutive days.

The idea is that the effort of writing something over and over physicalizes the desire for it to come true and makes you actively involved in it’s creation.

The repetition is reassuring and empowering and helps you start your day with conviction and determination.

After writing your statement each morning you then subconsciously carry it with you and project it outwards to the world. And you will be amazed by the way in which the world responds.

5 x 55 examples include:

  • I will get the promotion at work
  • I am sexy and attractive
  • I can cope with the workload because I love my job
  • When people are mean it does not affect me

Dream Journal for Manifestation

Dreams are incredibly powerful indications of what is going on deep down in our subconscious mind and too often we ignore them.

By keeping a dream journal next to your bed, you can begin to note down the images and occurrences that crop up in your sleep as soon as you wake so they do not have a chance to fade.

At first you may find that your recollection is murky and vague, however dream memory is a muscle just like anything else, and with time you will find that you become more and more proficient at recalling and relating your dreams.

You will also start to see patterns and themes which will enlighten you as to what is worrying you or preoccupying your brain, and once you figure this out you can free up that part of your brain for other things.

Dream journals are fantastic for creative people who are looking for inspiration but are finding it hard to find any in the real world. 

Stream Of Consciousness Manifestation Journal

A Stream of Consciousness journal format can be incredibly useful for those who are feeling emotionally blocked and caged up.

It is best to set a timer for this one, and the timer can be as little as 3 minutes or over 30 minutes depending on your own daily schedule and personal preference. 

Once the timer is set you simply put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) and begin to write. At first you may not write in full sentences, and you certainly won’t write in a grammatically correct manner, but the main thing is to keep going.

Do not stop to re-read and edit what you have said, just keep writing.

Although the initial musings might seem absolutely banal and meaningless you will be astonished at how seamlessly your brain will begin to articulate things that are worrying and burdening you – things that you didn’t even realise were there!

Once the timer goes you can stop and read back what you have written. The self growth and knowledge that will come from this style of journal keeping will benefit you in your daily life and make you more free and able to let positivity manifest in your life.


These are just a few of the many different manifestation journal styles and prompts that are out there. If you are considering starting a journal then you are already on the road to self discovery and real life change, because the intention to change is half the battle.

Remember, there are no rules and you must find the style of journal that works best for you. Happy writing and have fun making all your dreams come true!


Manifestation Journal


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