How To Charge Crystals


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Crystals can be a great way to attract good things and positive energy. However, you shouldn’t simply use them the second they come into your life.

No matter what crystals you want to use, you must ensure that they are cleansed and charged beforehand. There are many ways to prepare your crystals, but they can be confusing to wrap your head around.

If you’re wondering how to charge your crystals, we’ll cover several methods within this article. We’ll also cover the difference between cleansing and charging, and why it’s important to charge your crystals in the first place.

Why Should You Charge Your Crystals?

Many people confuse charging and cleansing crystals. There’s a big difference between the two. Before you start crystal healing, you must understand what these terms mean.


As crystals are exposed to our surroundings, they pick up energy from their environment. This can be good energy, but they can also pick up bad energies.

For example, your protection crystal may absorb negative forces so you don’t come into contact with them yourself. Over time, these energies can build up within your crystal, so it’s important to remove these forces before you use them again. This process is called cleansing.


After you cleanse your crystal, it should be completely renewed. While cleansing removes negative energy, it also takes away any other forces, good and bad.

Before you begin using it again, it needs energy to carry out its intended purpose. You’ll need to energize your crystal once more. This process is called charging.

The Best Way To Prepare Your Crystals

There are so many methods of cleansing and charging your crystals. One isn’t better than the other, as they all depend on your individual needs. There is only one proven method that can cleanse and charge your crystal simultaneously. This involves using sunlight.

Sunlight may work for some people, but others may prefer different methods. For instance, those in cloudier and colder climates may choose to use moonlight or running water.

The methods you choose also depend on your crystal. For example, amethyst’s purple color can fade in sunlight, while malachite easily breaks down when placed in water.

The best cleansing and charging methods depend on your lifestyle and your crystal. Make sure that your crystal is suitable for the method you choose beforehand. Over time, you should develop a regular cleansing and charging routine that works well for you.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Quartz crystal points charging in natural sunlight


Water is an easy way to cleanse your crystals. This is best done with natural running water, so if you can, find a river or a stream. You can also use seawater to do this, but if you don’t live near any natural water sources, tap water works just fine.

To cleanse your crystal, hold it under running water for a few minutes. If you’re using water from the ocean, submerge it within the sea for the same amount of time. Make sure that your crystal is suitable for water cleansing before you use this method.


Sage has been used to cleanse energies for thousands of years. The method is easy. Simply burn your sage stick so that smoke appears. Move your crystal through the smoke to clear it of its energies. Make sure that your intention to cleanse your crystal is clear within your mind.


Sound cleanses crystals when the vibrations occur at a higher frequency than your crystal. When it’s used, a singing bowl emits light vibrations that clear energy effectively. Some prefer to play a recording of the sound, but it’s best to be in the room when a singing bowl is used.

How To Charge Your Crystals


Moonlight works well to charge your crystals. As the moon has feminine energy, this method is great for those who are working through their emotions. To charge your crystal, you need the moon to be at its fullest, as a full moon reflects the most light.

On a night of a full moon, place your crystal outside overnight. You can even place it on your windowsill, as long as it receives enough moonlight. Once morning comes, it should be charged with positive feminine energy.


Some crystals can charge others. For instance, amethysts and selenite don’t need to be cleansed as regularly as other stones. Recharge your crystal of choice by placing a few well-intentioned stones around it.

How To Charge Crystals

Cleansing and Charging Through Sunlight

Sunlight is a proven method that can cleanse and charge your crystal at the same time. As sunlight is so powerful, it works well to remove energy and re-energize it once more.

Charge your crystals on a sunny day by placing them in direct sunlight. This can be outside or on a windowsill. Leave it alone for up to half an hour, then your crystal should be ready to use again.

Most solid crystals are fine to leave in the sun, but ones that are purple or pink can fade under sunlight. Sunlight can also dry out certain crystals, making them prone to smashing.

This method is an efficient way to cleanse and charge your crystals, but make sure that your stones are suitable to be left in sunlight beforehand.

Tips On Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals

Crystal healing isn’t as complicated as some make it out to be, but there are some things you should know before you start.

As before, make sure that your crystals can handle water and salt. While some solid crystals will be perfectly fine, softer ones can disintegrate on contact with water.

Similarly, salt can be abrasive on some stones and can make them look dull. Always do your research, but if you’re unsure, use a different cleansing method.


Crystals pick up energies from everything around it. Your new crystal will have been passed down from person to person before you receive it.

You won’t know if all of these people will have good intentions or not. This is why it is so important to cleanse your crystal as soon as it enters your home. If you don’t, you’ll put yourself at risk of unwanted negative energy.


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When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links on this website, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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