11 Grounding Affirmations To Keep You Centered Through Any Crisis


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Are you drained from reading dozens of highly analytical, highly disturbing articles about whatever the “current crisis” happens to be?

Me too. Sometimes, I just want to turn off my brain and feel better, with minimal effort.

Self-love takes many forms, but positive, grounding affirmations have always been especially effective for me. (And yes, there is science behind affirmations.)

Self-affirmation– identifying and reflecting on values that are personally relevant to you– improves problem solving under stress and leads to better health, education, and relationship outcomes.

Positive affirmations are free, flexible, and always available. They take a few seconds to deploy, and if you really try to believe in them– they can make you feel better right away.

Today, I would like to offer you 11 powerful yet believable grounding affirmations to help keep you centered during this crisis.

These words have helped me tap into my own innate strength and stillness in a world overcome with fear and grief.

You can say these affirmations silently or aloud. You can write them down and hang them on your wall. You can edit them so they sound like something you would really say.

Please feel free to take these affirmations and make them your own. And please share with anyone else who might feel supported by these words.

Grounding Affirmations for Acceptance

1. With strength, I accept the suffering that is unfolding around me. I sit with my grief, and I honor my grief. I am grateful for my ability to feel what I feel.

2. With calm courage, I accept uncertainty ahead of me. I accept a forever unknowable future. I accept what has already passed. I am empowered by my acceptance. I am freed by my acceptance.

Grounding Affirmations for Presence

3. I am deeply rooted in this present moment. I am releasing every thought about the past and future which does not serve me now.

4. I am calmly aware of every sensation I am feeling. I do not need to tell stories about every sensation. I am content to simply sit with my sensations, and acknowledge them without attachment.

5. My presence is a gift to my fellow beings. My energy has a powerful effect on the world around me. I honor this power with every action I take.

Grounding Affirmations for Action

6. When the time comes to act, I act without hesitation. When the time comes to lie still, I lie still without hesitation. I adapt to changing conditions with strength and grace.

7. My actions align with the highest good. My actions align with my personal wellbeing. I strive for awareness and compassion in all my actions.

Grounding Affirmations for Wisdom

8. I invite universal wisdom and guidance into my heart. I honor the many lessons I am receiving from this situation.

9. I write the story of my life with a steady hand. I choose how to interpret every detail. I am in command of my story.

Grounding Affirmations for Love

10. We are all connected by universal energy. We are not separate. In every situation, I show up with the full loving presence of the universe.

11. I am grounded in the infinite love of the universe. Energetically, I embrace all beings around me with love. I am surrounded by love.

Conclusion: Feed Your Head Mindfully

These days, it’s all too easy to fill your mind with stories of suffering.

Although it’s important to acknowledge the real suffering caused by this crisis, the habit of mindlessly consuming stories of suffering can lead to unnecessary suffering in your own life.

If you would rather consciously create your own emotional experience during these difficult times– grounding affirmations are a powerful, easy way to get started.

Choose just one affirmation on this page, and say it aloud. Focus on really believing the words. Repeat the affirmation a few times until you notice a change in your body– like your shoulders relaxing or your breath deepening.

Worst case scenario– it doesn’t work, and you feel silly for a moment.

Best case scenario– the affirmation works, and you immediately feel more emotionally centered, empowered, and calm.

The choice is yours.

11 Grounding Affirmations to Keep You Centered Through Any Crisis


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When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links on this website, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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