Can Rose Quartz Go In Water?


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“Can rose quartz go in water?” is a question that is often asked throughout the spiritual community. This question is usually asked by new crystal owners and it is always a good sign that the crystal community is seeking the knowledge that is needed to maintain their beloved crystals.

Water can be notably beneficial for some crystals whilst harming others and so it is always important to research the relationship between your specific crystal and water.



What is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a specific type of quartz crystal that ranges from a lighter shade of pink to a deep red color. These crystals are typically found in large rock veins and are then polished into flat surfaces or shaped into sphere shapes.

Rose quartz is often used to manifest love or to invite passionate romance into your life. These crystals are also perfect for healing friendships and professional relationships whilst supporting your heart chakra to manifest your intentions to their fullest capacity.

Why Put Rose Quartz in Water?

Some people state that certain crystals shouldn’t be placed into water at all for fear that they will lose their energetic properties or absorb unwanted energies from the water itself.

However, crystal water has had its place in the crystal community for a while and water baths have played an integral role also.

Crystal water is made by entirely submerging crystals in water in order to fully absorb their vibrational energy. The solution is then used for a variety of reasons including using it for remedies or spraying your aura.

You can also drink some varieties of crystal water. You should charge your crystals under the light of a full moon in order to fully harness any powerful lunar energy upon absorption.

Many crystals will contain an incredibly powerful level of vibrational energy which will be able to affect your body’s electromagnetic system and emotion receptivity.

Drinking crystal water is the way that the vast majority of the crystal community will consume their crystal water as it can notably increase your well-being by further opening your chakras to enhanced positivity whilst soothing any negative energies by replacing them with positive ones.

This method also helps to cleanse any unwanted toxins from your body and aura through the natural channels which help to eradicate negative thought processes and habits. Making crystal water is also the perfect way to cleanse any previous energies that may have become attached to the surface of the crystal as well as yourself.

This is perfect for when your crystal is new and you want to charge their energy or remove any prior intentions that have been set with the crystal so that you are able to start afresh.

Can Rose Quartz Go In Water?

Can You Put Rose Quartz in Water?

Rose quartz is a crystal that can be placed directly in water without worrying that it will dissolve. These are some of the very few crystals on this Earth that are not corrupted by sources of running water.

Your rose quartz will obtain positive properties when submerged in water and it is one of the only crystals that cannot be damaged by vinegar, alcohol, honey, or salt which makes it perfect for making crystal tonics.

If your crystal is labeled as ‘water friendly’ then your stone will undoubtedly benefit from being submerged underwater as it will retain all of its powerful properties without absorbing any unwanted energies from the water itself.

The Mohs Hardness Scale will also assist you in determining whether your crystal is sturdy enough to be able to handle water without the fear of damaging it.

A rose quartz crystal has a Mohs hardness of 7 out of 10 which makes it a water-safe crystal with an advanced level of durability. You will also be able to leave your rose quartz in water for a longer period of time if you choose to.

Can Rose Quartz Go in Salt Water?

As previously mentioned, rose quartz is one of the only crystals that are able to withstand salt without being damaged or losing its energetic properties.

If you were to entirely submerge these crystals in saltwater, they would not dissolve. However, it is unlikely that saltwater would be wholly beneficial for your rose quartz as salt can create a corrosive environment that will gradually erode the surface of your stone over time.

Therefore, whilst saltwater doesn’t entirely ruin rose quartz, over a period of time, it will undoubtedly wear away at its strength and so it is preferable to just submerge your crystal in fresh or filtered water sources.

The primary reason why using saltwater or seawater on your quartz can be harmful after extensive use is because sea salt is packed with chlorine and sulfur which can become corrosive.


To conclude, rose quartz can be entirely submerged in the vast majority of water sources including the most commonly used forms like tap water and filtered water.

It can also be placed in salt water as it is able to withstand salt without losing its energetic value, however, this shouldn’t be an extended practice as saltwater can corrode the surface of your crystal over a period of time.

Whilst some other forms of crystal are unable to withstand any form of water exposure without eroding their energetic properties, rose quartz can often benefit from being submerged in water sources as it helps to enhance and charge its energetic qualities without causing any damage or absorbing any external, unwanted energies from the water supply itself.

This is therefore one of the most sturdy crystals to implement in your day-to-day life and it will undoubtedly help you to manifest your romantic desires whilst healing your aura and promoting your vitality.

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When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links on this website, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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