The 10 Best Crystals For Manifesting Your Desires


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Without a doubt, manifestation is a very internal process.

You need to consistently focus your thoughts, emotions, and energy on your desires in order to successfully attract what you want.

But don’t underestimate the role of your external environment in helping you achieve the optimal energetic state for manifesting your desires.

That’s where crystals come in!

Although many scoff at the idea of “healing crystals” as pseudoscience, the truth is that all matter is vibrating energy, and if crystals help get you in the mood for manifestation – you should definitely consider utilizing these powerful energetic amplifiers in your manifesting practice!

How to Use Crystals for Manifestation

First, you need to select and gather your crystals.

If you’re a crystal newbie, don’t worry! It’s super easy to shop for your first crystal collection on Etsy (my favorite place to get crystals) – and there’s the added benefit of being able to choose small local sellers in your own community.

After you have chosen your crystals, get creative about how you use them!

While many people tuck a small palm stone into their pocket or purse, or leave a crystal point on their desk or windowsill, you may want to create a crystal altar or crystal grid to further amplify the energetic effects of your crystals.

When using crystals for manifesting, you also need cleanse your crystals and set your intention for each stone. (Don’t skip this step!)

Finally, don’t forget to do the work of manifesting.

It’s not enough to just buy some crystals, scatter them around the house, and expect your wildest dreams to come true.

You need to be consistently focusing your mind and heart on your desires in order to manifest what you want.

In addition to using crystals for manifesting, keeping a manifestation journal can help keep you in the optimal state of mind for attracting your desires.

The 10 Best Crystals for Manifestation

Aligning your energy and intentions with a particular crystal can be an extremely powerful way to prime your mind for manifesting your desires.

When it comes to manifestation, different stones are recommended for different purposes. For instance, certain crystals are considered to be better for manifesting wealth, love, or protection.

In the list below, you’ll learn which crystals are best for your manifestation purposes!

1. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can help you energize your intentions. It’s a good crystal to use when manifesting as you can use its energy for practically anything. No matter what your desires and dreams are, clear quartz can make your vibrations more powerful.

Clear quartz is a beautiful stone that looks like the properties that it holds. It’s translucent, letting light through its surface, so it will help you do the same.

Crystal users love clear quartz, as it helps you concentrate on your wishes, amplifying the energy that you power your intention with. It’s obvious why this crystal is great for manifestation!

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an appealing stone that can help you bring love into your life. This doesn’t have to mean solely in the romantic sense. Rose quartz gains access to feminine energy.

This involves becoming more empathetic, increasing self-love, and healing from a broken past. These qualities can be lost in our masculine world, but all genders deserve to have love and compassion in their lives.

Rose quartz is fantastic if you want to manifest desires relating to the heart. This could involve bonding more with your friends, connecting with your family, seeking a new romantic relationship, or trying to increase self-love.

Keep your rose quartz crystal close while setting your intention. You may also want to wear it as a necklace to keep it next to your heart or place it on your bedside to encourage love in your relationship.

3. Black Obsidian

Obsidian is a very powerful protective stone, so bring this into your life if you are committed to manifesting positive change by dispelling negative forces.

Black obsidian is especially helpful for anyone struggling with a negative mindset or destructive habits. This stone can help you remove any self-doubt, ridding you of any beliefs that don’t align with your goals. It brings about change, infusing you with the power to manifest tranformation.

This protective crystal has a striking dark and jagged appearance. You may want to sleep with obsidian under your pillow to keep nightmares away. Many also love wearing black obsidian in a necklace or ring for continual empowerment.

4. Malachite

Malachite connects to your heart chakra, and as such, is great for bringing love into your life and amplify your intuition.

Many people swear by the attractive power of malachite, alleging the stone helps them manifest their desires by amplifying feelings of love and gratitude.

Place a malachite slab or tower on your nightstand to embrace the heart-led manifesting power of this stone. Or, choose a small palm stone you can carry with you everywhere you go.

5. Citrine

If you want to bring happiness, joy, and luck into your life, citrine can help you do just that!

Also known as ‘the money stone,’ citrine inspires an optimistic mindset, which is perfect for manifesting professional and wealth-related goals.

Authentic citrine ranges from luminous gold to moody rust in color. Keep this crystal in your wallet next to your money, or near your computer or workstation, where it can attract prosperity into your life and work.

6. Carnelian

Carnelian is another powerful stone that can help increase your physical energy. It’s ideal for those that are in a rut or feel like they’re in a negative space.

Also known as ‘the artist’s stone,’ carnelian is believed to bring out hidden talents in those that use it. It energizes creative impulses, and can also spark one’s ambition and drive as well.

Carnelian is ranges from orange to red and brown, often with darker and lighter swirls within the stone. If you want a boost in creativity, keep it in your pocket, bag, or creative space. Some also wear carnelian as jewelry so that it’s close at all times.

7. Hematite

If you’re an over-thinker who sometimes struggles to manifest your desires, hematite can bring you clarity and focus. This stone has strong grounding energy, providing a powerful foundation for manifestation.

Hematite also promotes self-confidence and courage, two essential qualities for manifestation. This stone can enhance your willpower and strengthen your resolve. When working towards your goals, hematite can help provide the determination you need to see things through.

Because hematite is a dark, dense stone, it also absorbs and neutralizes any negative thoughts which may be preventing you from reaching your potential. As such, remember to cleanse hematite regularly, as negative vibrations can build up over time & reduce the efficacy of this powerful crystal.

8. Pyrite

Wealth can be difficult to manifest due to commonly-held limiting beliefs around money and greed. Pyrite is believed to help clear these blockages and attract abundance.

Also known as ‘Fool’s Gold’ thanks to its shiny golden appearance, is a powerful magnet for prosperity. Place it near your workstation or front door to invite wealth and abundance into your life.

9. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is known to inspire bravery, courage, and action. If you find yourself lacking motivation or drive, this stone may help you unlock your potential, attracting success and prosperity.

Tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal for manifesting your desires. Its name is inspired by its appearance, believed to mirror the patterned swirl of amber within a tiger’s eye.

Although tiger’s eye is a fierce motivator for taking action, it also has strong grounding characteristics as well.

Beaded tiger’s eye bracelets are very popular for manifesting, but you may prefer to keep a gorgeous sphere or palm stone nearby instead.

10. Green Aventurine

Lastly, we have Green Aventurine. This pale green stone will inspire you to seek out your desires with zest!

Green aventurine is for anyone who wants to evolve and become their very best self. It calms the nerves and can increase your appetite for success and achievement.

This crystal is also believed to boost imagination and creativity, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to manifesting with green aventurine!

The Bottom Line About Using Crystals for Manifesting

Manifesting your desires can be a lengthy and sometimes daunting process.

Consciously curating your physical environment with items that inspire and energize you is a powerful strategy used by expert attractors.

And crystals are one of the best ways to set the mood for manifestation!


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When you make a purchase after clicking one of the links on this website, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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