The Best Crystals for Anxiety


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Anxiety is a feeling that we have all experienced at different stages of our lives. It is something that can have an effect on people in different ways. Everyone deals with anxiety in different ways, for some people it might be relatively bearable whereas for other people anxiety can be really difficult to live with.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the ways that crystals can help you deal with your anxiety. We are not saying that this is something that works wonders for everyone, however, if you are interested or want to learn more about crystals and how they can help you to deal with your anxiousness, then keep reading.

Anxiety is something that we feel is out of our control, and that we find difficult to get to the root of. The truth is, there are a lot of different coping mechanisms that can help you to deal with your anxiety and how it has an effect on you on a daily basis.

Anxiety is a feeling that we will all have experienced at some point – this could be before an exam, or this could be before the first day at your new job, or this could be during the build-up to you eventually moving house.

These situations are pretty typical for causing anxiety, but this is not always the case for people who struggle with anxiety. What we mean by this is that some people become just as nervous over other situations, the differences with these situations are that they are not so life-altering. This tends to be the case for people who have increased anxiety.

Why do some people struggle with anxiety more than others?

There is new research that suggests that people who suffer from anxiety more than others actually have a different perception of the world. For people who struggle with anxiety, it is not about what happens in life, it is about how those situations are perceived.

Research has found that people who are the most anxious struggle to work out what is safe and what is an unsafe situation. In an individual who struggles with anxiety, every kind of situation is perceived as unsafe and this is where the extreme anxiety comes from.

Research has shown that people who struggle with anxiety have a tendency to overgeneralize situations. For instance, when one particularly bad thing happens then that individual would take this a step further and they would think that everything around them is bad.

The world becomes completely negative to them, and this creates more anxiety within the individual which makes the world seem much more negative. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Some of the ways that you can tell if you are a particularly anxious person are as follows: if you struggle to concentrate on one task at a time, you will struggle to remain engaged with a particular task and this in turn will cause you to feel especially tense. This will in turn cause your mind to go blank occasionally and this will make you feel irritable and restless.

How can crystals help with anxiety?

There are a lot of different methods that can help you deal with your anxiety, and the method that we are going to focus on here is crystals. Here’s the thing, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of crystals for healing but, the growing popularity of people looking into the ways in which crystals and rocks can help your own personal growth and development is constantly increasing.

Crystals help people on their journeys of attaining wellness, and they can work for people in a lot of different ways. People can use crystals for different purposes, some people will use crystals to remove negative energy, or people might use crystals as a way to attract some kind of energy or opportunity – or they could use crystals to amplify love.

Crystals can also be used by some people to relieve or to manage stress or some kind of chronic pain. In fact, some crystals can even be used as a way to connect you to plains of particular psychic ability.

There are crystals that can help with pretty much anything, be it to help you deal with anxiety or to help you overcome post-traumatic stress disorder. We are the first people to stop you in trying to find hard, scientific facts about how anxiety crystals work on the human body – because let’s face it, if this is something that you are trying to find out then you will be searching until the end of time.

Here’s the thing, in order to gain some level of understanding on how crystals can in fact help with anxiety, then you need a certain level of willingness. This certain level of willingness will help you gain an insight into the powers of the crystals, the thing with these powers is that they go way beyond what can be observed physically. The powers of crystals can only be experienced on a subconscious or energetic level.

The way that the powers of crystals work is that by channeling their power you can get this sort of vibration from them, and this is a much higher frequency in comparison to other physical matter. By physical matter, this is also including the human body.

So, by being in contact with these vibrations from the crystals then you can feel physical and emotional changes depending on the crystal you are channeling. This is why some people actually use crystals to manage particular aches or pains within the body.

When it comes to discussing healing crystals, it is important to note that all healing crystals work within the light spectrum. Crystals absorb and also refract light, and the different colors within the crystals are experienced as wavelengths.

So, these random wavelengths that are found within the human body are called chakras – and these are energy centers that are in charge of making energetic flow within the body. This energetic flow is the result of how crystals can have an effect on one’s life.

The introduction of crystals that have specific energy into our personal vibratory field then we can end up attracting alleviation from conditions such as anxiety and such as stress.

How do you use crystals for anxiety?

The key thing that you need to consider when you start learning about crystals and their properties is that you need to have an open mind. When it comes to using crystals to help with anxiety, you must understand that the mind plays an extremely vital role in how effectively we are able to feel and connect with the healing properties of the crystals.

In fact, this way of thinking does not just apply to crystals, it also applies to all forms of medicine and also all forms of metaphysical healing. In fact, strong supporting evidence of this is placebo clinical trials – these sorts of trials tend to find that people who receive mock medications made from sugar would end up healing much more significantly than those who received actual medicine.

What has this got to do with how crystals can be used for anxiety? Well, an open mind allows all forms of treatment the time that they require in order to penetrate the body and the mind sufficiently. Here’s the thing, because crystals are highly energy-based then this is a vital aspect of using crystals to help you deal with your anxiety.

So, the truth with using crystals in order to help you with your anxiety is that you need to gain familiarity with the stones alongside your general lifestyle. From our list of the best crystals that help with anxiety, you should be able to work out which one matches up with you and your lifestyle the best.

There is not a particular crystal that can be ranked as ‘the best’ for anxiety, but there are a lot of crystals that have the potential to remove symptoms that are associated with anxiety. You need to choose your crystal based on you as a person and your lifestyle as much as possible – and there are a variety of ways that you can keep your crystal on your person.

You could opt for having an actual stone, or you could wear your stone as a piece of jewelry – you could wear the stones in rings, earrings, or necklaces. No matter how you choose to use your stone you will be able to work out a way that suits you the best.

It is also dependent on when you want to use your crystals as a form of healing, if this is just something that you want to reserve for the comfort of your own home then you should do this. After all, crystals as forms of healing are all about reducing your anxiety levels.

You could also consider holding your chosen stone in the palm of your hand perhaps when you meditate so that the crystal will be directly drawing the energy through your skin and into the rest of your body.

You could even keep the stone at the bottom of a glass of water or at the bottom of a water bottle, and by doing this your crystal will be able to charge your water. That way, this charge will be carried out through your body when you drink your water and this can have a calming effect on you.

If you are someone who is new to crystal healing then this might all sound a little intense. You know what, that is perfectly natural and is pretty much expected. To get you into crystal healing more gradually, then you can just keep a crystal near you at all times.

This may sound like a very small way of getting into crystal healing, but actually, this is a really great way for you to have an introductory experience in crystal healing.

Here’s the thing, you do not need to make a huge effort to haul your crystals around with you every single day, and you do not have to force yourself to set aside some time to use them each day.

Rather than doing this, you can just put your stones in places where you are the most likely to encounter them, no matter what you end up doing throughout your day. You can just put them in spots where you would interact with them without thinking too much about it.

How do you clean your crystals?

An important aspect of crystal healing is how clean you keep it, after all, crystals can become impacted by the negative energy of the outside world. So you should try and make time to clean your crystals at least once a month.

This can be done by burying your crystals in the garden and by leaving them overnight, or, an alternative method to this is to leave the stone outside when there is a full moon. These methods mean that light can be reabsorbed into the stone.

The key thing to remember with your crystal is that in order for it to become fully attuned to your own vibration, it must be handled by you only.

If your crystal is touched by someone else then this can have an effect on your crystal; the energy that they impart onto your crystal might be detrimental to you so, you should just keep your crystal as personal to you as possible and you should clean them as frequently as is cooperative with your lifestyle.

How do you work out which crystals are the best to help with anxiety?

Crystals are a more metaphysical method for helping you to deal with your anxiety. When you use crystals not just in a way that works for you, but in the correct way then you can notice a difference in the way that anxiety is present within your body.

The thing about anxiety is that everyone experiences it differently, so it can reside within you as stress or it can end up generating imbalance within you to a point where a panic attack is imminent.

It is common for people to be able to describe where exactly their anxiety resides physically, for instance, some people might feel anxiety in their chest, or they might feel it in their head, or they could even feel it in their stomach. This list is not exhaustive, there is no specific guide for the ways that anxiety can manifest itself within each human being.

So, now we are going to move on to our recommended crystals for anxiety and also for depression. These crystals all have properties that can help to resolve the more general symptoms that are associated with anxiety.

These general symptoms include but are not limited to stress, or panic or a complete lack of concentration. In fact, some of the best stones for anxiety will be more effective for some symptoms rather than others – so you need to make sure that you understand exactly which crystals will work best for you.

Amethyst for anxiety

best crystals for anxiety

Amethyst could be the best stone for anxiety, and this is all due to the fact that it has such an undeniable presence in not only the physical world but also in the metaphysical world too. Amethyst works to bring clarity to all the different energetic bodies and, to be more precise with this, the mental bodies and the astral bodies.

So, this clarity works in a way that helps you to better understand the source of your anxiety and stress – and you can then manage this better from there onwards.

When it comes to understanding what the best crystals for stress would be, then the amethyst will work well to help you if you struggle to get to sleep because of anxiety disrupting your sleep pattern. Insomnia can be common in people who are suffering from anxiety, so this stone, which can help you to balance chaotic sleep patterns is a great tool.

Physical properties of amethyst include cleansing your blood and also the amethyst stone works as a great way to promote hormone production too.

Rose quartz for anxiety

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love, and people will use it as a way to amplify the levels of love that are present in their personal relationships along with the workplace. This is a great crystal for helping you process your anxiety and stress – so you could consider placing this stone in every corner of your house, and this will allow you to heal.

Rose quartz is a great crystal to help work on emotions, and for a lot of people, this is a leading trigger of their stress and of their anxiety.

Rose quartz will help you to balance your emotions, and the way that you deal with your emotions and the way that you react in different situations will be a lot more thought through and considerate. Over time this can help you to reduce how anxious you feel over time.

So, if you find that your external relationships cause you anxiety then rose quartz can be a really powerful crystal. This crystal can be an effective way of balancing the amount of influence that you give other people over the way that you feel.

Clear quartz for anxiety

The clear quartz is known as the master healer, as this is by far one of the best crystals for anxiety, as it has a noticeable effect on the physical body. This is the main reason why people will use this crystal as a way of treating physical pain.

For instance, people with arthritis might wear crystal quartz on their wrists and they will find that it helps relieve them from discomfort.

So, if your anxiety and stress feel as though it is to do with some sort of imbalance within the physical body then this would be the perfect stone for you to work with.

Sodalite for anxiety

This is a marbled stone of dark blue and white, and blue stones have a tendency to work directly with the throat chakra. This energy center is represented by the wavelength of blue light. Sodalite would be a great stone for you to keep handy if you struggle with anxiety attacks or with panic attacks then this would be the perfect stone for you to keep handy.

This stone helps to alter the frequency of the throat because the throat is our expressive hub. As individuals, when we are not able to express our thoughts and feelings properly then this can cause anxiety.

So, in the process of opening the throat for communication, then the emotions will become much easier to manage, which will, in turn, reduce anxiety levels for whatever the particular trigger is.

Kyanite for anxiety

So, this particular crystal is due to its extremely recognizable formation. Pieces of kyanite for anxiety look like blue icicles and you can see each level of formation within the stone. Similar to sodalite, this crystal works within the blue energetic wavelength. This makes kyanite a good stone for all of the throat-based benefits that we discussed in relation to kyanite.

Kyanite is a powerful stone when it is used during meditation, and it is due to this practice that the most optimum effects of kyanite will be illuminated and therefore received by the user. In fact, the best thing about this healing stone for anxiety is that it is not able to carry negative energy.

So, kyanite is one of the very few crystals that does not require any type of cleaning, so you do not have to leave this stone under the full moon once a month to clean it – this is the best worry stone for anxiety.

Citrine for anxiety

best crystals for anxiety

This is a gentle orange or yellow stone that is all about enthusiasm and enjoyment. This stone seeks to amplify and also draw in these particular aspects of the user’s life.

So, through using these stones you will be able to meet instances of fear with, especially great optimism. If you find that life’s fears are what make you feel the most anxious then this will be one of the most effective crystals for your anxiety and for your stress.

Jasper for anxiety

Individuals who feel as though negativity will constantly find them, then jasper might be able to help you to block these attacks. Jasper will enable you to do this without subsequently becoming overwhelmed – it is always about quick thinking and it is about confidence.

So, if you work in an environment that is fuelled by intense pressure, then this stone could really help you to perform a lot better and to make the absolute best decisions that you can. If you feel like you are surrounded by a particularly toxic environment then this crystal would be perfect for you as it helps you to purify the outside world.

Obsidian for anxiety

This is one of the favorite crystals to help people who suffer from anxiety attacks or panic attacks due to the powerful absorption abilities that this crystal has. In fact, black stones are known for absorbing any negative forces that work hard to corrupt the individual.

So, anyone who has experienced a panic attack of any kind will know how comforting this crystal could be.

This is a stone that has great protection, and it can help you to remove the emotional baggage that is holding you back. Obsidian will help you to manage your everyday life, especially during those moments when anxiety feels like it is stewing.

You can take control of your thoughts that trigger anxiety, and through using the obsidian crystal you will be able to remind yourself of who you are and what you value.


Overall, there is a wide range of crystals out there that can help you with your anxiety – but it is all about working out what the best crystal for you is.

And, it is also about trial and error – so you might find that one crystal helps you in certain situations much more than in other situations.

But, only you can work out the best crystal for you and which one makes you feel the most at ease. This comes with time and patience, after all, this is meant to alleviate your anxiety and not add to it.

Hands holding a smooth sphere made of amethyst, one of the best crystals for anxiety


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